Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Month End Shopping Gone Wild!!

This month was a little out of hand.  If I take the crazy amount of chickens that we got out of the equation, it doesn't look as bad but I went crazy!!!  Check out what I got and what I spent.

Aldi $49.49

Harris Teeter $9.83

Harris Teeter $0.66 + $0.42= $1.08

Harris Teeter $31.31

Harris Teeter $19.98

Harris Teeter $34.37+ $7.89

This included 6 chickens that went directly in the freezer and I didn't get in the picture.

Aldi $13.19

Harris Teeter $6.87

Harris Teeter $0

These were two freebies if you went shopping on Saturday.  The great news is that after the soccer game on Saturday, we drive by this store on the way home!!!  We got both these for nothing!!  The chips were amazing and the cream cheese will most likely go into Christmas cookie press cookies or icing for cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

Rite Aid $16.83

My husband was sick and needed to get some ibprophen and cold medicine so he went to the store that had the best sale without having a clue what he would find or spend but he bought what he needed even though it was crazy high.  I found some medicine in the cabinet when he got home but we have already used lots of this anyway.

Wegman's $29.05 +2.03 + 2.03= $33.11

I needed to get the flour that was on sale for $0.99 per bag (limit two so I did three transactions because the store is really far away).  I also got Ocean Spray for my husband because we were out!!! AHHH!!!  I was also totally out of vital wheat gluten flour and Wegman's is the cheapest local place that I have found it for $3.69 for a small box.  I normally stock up in Amish country but we aren't going there anytime soon so this will have to do.  We were out of lettuce and it looks better then Aldi lettuce normally so let's hope it is.  The only place that I buy ground beef so I figured that I would grab it while I was there to stock the freezer.  I got the brownies for a special treat which I haven't even made yet so we will enjoy them soon.  The bananas at Aldi are usually green so I got one at Wegman's in case my husband wanted one over the weekend...of course he didn't want them until Monday to take to work with him.

Aldi $33.91- 2.01 = $31.90

There was nothing left in the house and my husband was finally on the mend from a long sickness so he wanted some apples and bananas.  There was grapes on sale for $1.98 for two pounds so I got them too.  I went a little overboard with too many things but we have already used most of them.  I have plans to make the pumpkin gnocchi next week and the steak sauce is for my french dip sloppy joes that I just put in the freezer.  We are ready to roll for the upcoming month.

Harris Teeter $0 

Another great freebie which my husband enjoyed before I even got a picture.  We got it after the soccer game on Saturday.

Giant $4.07

The coupons were expiring at the end of the month so my husband ran up to the store after trick or treating to get these so that he could use the coupons.  He got all that the store had :(  I forgot to stop at a few different stores during the day when I was working so I was excited that we got to the store at all even though I knew we were really far over budget for the month.

Total Monthly Retail $564.11
Total Monthly Savings $304.19
Total Monthly OOP $259.92

I went a lot over my $160 monthly budget!!  By almost $100, I might have gone off the deep end with the 15 chickens but that is only about half of the overage!!  The great news is that I won't need a lot of protein in the coming months between that and the ground beef purchased.  I should feel worse about it but I really don't.  My husband was sick and I am just glad that I made it through the month in one piece without too much craziness.  We are also getting a little bit more on track with me going back to work so hoping that the coming months are going to get a little easier as long as we stay healthy!!!

How did your month go?? 


  1. I know you went over your normal budget, but, I am always amazed at how well you can shop every single month! And, since you did buy all that protein, I'm sure it will even out when you average out your months throughout the year! I'm still tryint to wrap my head around all your were able to buy for so little! I don't think I could ever match that here in Connecticut! =)

    1. I can't pass up $0.69 lb chicken obviously!!! I did add it to the other months of the year and we are still at $150 monthly average so still below. I am always excited to find all the deals here but said that everyone can't find them throughout the country!

  2. I am sure you did very well, even if you went over budget. It'll pay off over the coming months.
    I did well in October and have money leftover to carry forward.

    1. Woo Hoo!! Great job coming in under budget. It is always nice to have that happen. I am sure that I will be back on track but it felt good to go a little crazy last month getting so much. I am hoping that all that shopping means that I won't have to do much next month but it never seems to work out that way!!


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