Thursday, August 11, 2016

Quick Trip to Wegman's and Harris Teeter to get lots of bargains!!

I was thinking that I was doing my middle of the month update the other day because I didn't think that I was going to do too much shopping before the middle of the month but we were at the library across the street from Wegman's so I had to run in and get some things with the coupons that I had from the store.

Wegman's $13. 67

I got some more ground beef which should last a few months and I had a coupon for $2 off $5 meat.  I also grabbed salt potatoes, corn on the cob and green beans so that I could use $2 off $5 produce.  My son decided that he got to pick up some bulk candy because he loves it and he was well behaved.  So we got to pick some out and he was very excited to have his treats for dessert.

Harris Teeter $4.72

Then, I got a message from Nathalie to tell me that I was going to be headed out to triples at Harris Teeter.  It is a good thing that I have her to tell me when to head to the store!!!  We were going to a library where I passed Harris Teeter so I really wanted to stop but I had my son with me.  I didn't know if it was worth the fight but I decided to grab a few things.  I didn't know what coupons I had and I didn't have my act together well enough to not be annoyed with a active kid in my shopping cart.  I did get a few things so I will consider that a win.

I distracted my son with the free cookies and he also labeled all of the coupons that I pulled off the printer with SB so I knew which ones were Swagbucks ones...although I didn't get a chance to count the coupons that I used towards Swagbucks but looking forward to those hitting the account because I think that most of them were except the sugar ones.

I got the Town House Crackers for $0.10 per box after sale and coupon (shelf price $3.79).  The Fruit Roll up pack is for my son's pack to school lunches for $0.50 per box.  The Lucky Charms were $0.50 (which I get back from Saving Star).  The Cinnamon Toast Crunch was $1 for the box.  The Froot Loops weren't on sale but I got them for $1.34 after coupon was tripled.

I used a rain check on the Domino Sugar which is really easy to use in my ice tea.  The rain check was to get them for $1.89 instead of the shelf price of $2.39.  I used the $0.55 coupon which tripled to be $1.65 so they were $0.24 each which is more then I have spent on them in the past but I decided that it was worth it to spend this to save on the other sugar.

The best deals were the Toaster Strudel for my son which was actually a money maker.  They were $1.67 less $0.50 electronic coupon and $0.50 coupon tripled so I got $0.33 towards other groceries.  I grabbed the Chex and Bugles for free after electronic coupon and printable coupon and I will make more back from Saving Star and MobiSave!!  Exciting purchases that made me glad that I made it to the store!

My 20 box tops didn't print out and I went to customer service and they were able to print them so I got them which was nice!!  My favorite customer service person was there which was nice.  Although everything else rang up correctly so there weren't any other problems.  Then, I came home and found that there were some more electronic coupons that I didn't download this morning because I was too distracted with my son.  Good news is that it was only one and I can go back and get the Froot Loops tomorrow and save another $0.75... if there are any left on the shelf.

I put in some rebates so I will get a little money back on a few items.  There was a Ibotta rebate for $0.25 on the corn and $0.25 for cereal.  I put in for $0.10 for potato chips which I am hoping that will give you credit for the Bugles (it worked).  I should also get $0.50 from Saving Star for Lucky Charms and $0.50 for the Chex and Bugles, and $0.50 for General Mills Fruit Snacks.

I will be heading back to the Triples events at Harris Teeter to get some more deals after I get my coupons sorted and together.  The boys went to pool while I stayed home to try to get some work done.  I probably should have just gone to the pool but I have so many things to do at the house :(  At least I washed the dishes this morning and did a great job cleaning up.  Check one thing off the list!!

Total Month to Date Spending $37.85


  1. I love seeing all your great deals! I wasn't sure if "Triple Coupons" would be as good as "Super Doubles" but it sure sounds like it!

    I guess I can never stop reading the Southern Savers blog now, since I need to tell you about all the sales at Harris Teeter so I can live vicariously through all your exploits!

    1. I got to go again today without my little helper!! I got tons!! Stay tuned for more pictures! I prefer super doubles and I actually have to get the calculator out for some of the coupons to see how much they are worth.

      I need to you to tell me when to go to the store. I know from your blog when it is time to get deals at Aldis and now you tell me when super doubles and triples and free stuff is happening!!! What would I do without you!!

      Sadly, you also started my Swagbucks habit :( It is a real problem that I need to stop doing but I can't help myself!!!

    2. Oh yeah, blame ME for getting free gift cards to support your eating out addiction, lol.

    3. Most of our swagbucks gift cards go to buy Home Depot gift cards. I only bought one for Red Robin because I had extra points and it was the one that was on sale that month. The other gift cards were wonderful teacher gifts from my students in all my classes for Christmas, Teacher Appreciation and the end of the year. I had a ton and we didn't spend that many during the year. My husband also works in a school so some gift cards are from him too :) It is the gift that keeps on giving!!


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