Monday, August 8, 2016

Menu Plan Monday 8/8

Monday- Chicken fries, Popcorn Chicken with homemade fries
Tuesday- Pasta with garlic bread (served with leftover sausage for my husband)
Wednesday- French Dip Sloppy Joes with mac and cheese
Thursday- Chicken Cubes with white rice
Friday- Chicken Paninis with leftovers
Saturday- ?
Sunday- ?

Last week we switched two days but did well keeping with the plan.  On Saturday, we took advantage of the gift card and had a huge dinner at Red Robin including dessert.  We got to watch the Olympics on the televisions which was fun to take advantage of while having dinner.  This week we are going to try a similar basic format but the last of the old batch of chicken was cut up into chicken cubes and I have to figure out if I am going to make chicken tacos or stir fry or something else.  I guess I better get thinking!!!!  Then, leaving the weekend up in the air and hoping for one more meal out so that I don't have to do the dishes :)  I want to do lunch next time because my little man was a grump as soon as he got full and couldn't sit still which is exhausting to sit next to while trying to eat your own meal!!  Making the most out of the week and hoping you do too!!!


  1. I really dislike going to restaurants anymore. I'd rather take the food to go and eat it in my own house while watching a show or reading blogs :) But somehow I still end up with tons of dishes to wash because I think most of them are used when various people have snacks (or cereal at all hours of the day and night!).

    I was dreading having to think of a menu this week again but while I was sitting in the high school auditorium waiting for the orientation session to start, I just opened my notes app on my phone and listed 7 meals that I knew I could cook with what I had on hand (it really helps to be stocked up!) and that took maybe 3 minutes. If I had done it at home, I would have researched recipes, etc, it would have taken me way longer than that. So maybe each week, I'll just go sit in my car or somewhere away from home and try to think up a menu in 3 minutes, lol.

    I've never eaten at Red Robin. Is it a burger joint? I think that's the place where my BFF got a job recently, but it's far away from my house.

    1. Stay at home and put too much thought into the menu then I think that the answer is that you need to do it away from home!! Great plan!!

      I totally agree with eating out. There were two screaming children and it started to get loud. The were known as a burger place but they really have a full menu. I always get a wedge salad because they have those little fried onions and bacon with blue cheese...maybe not healthy but so tasty. My husband gets a burger while my son enjoys eating the never ending fries with the chicken nuggets from Wendy's that we buy him before going in because he doesn't like the chicken tenders. If there weren't free refills on fries, I don't think that he would be as excited but the gift cards were on sale at Swagbucks so we paid for chicken nuggets and $2 extra tip so it was a meal under $6. I feel like I have been doing dishes a lot in the last few days and emptying the dishwasher an awful lot so it was a little break to not have to wash pots and pans but I much prefer take out too!!


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