Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bygones Book Review

I reserved the other books in a series that I had gotten a copy of one in the middle of the series and I knew nothing about it.  But I know that I like to start at the beginning so I picked up BYGONES (Sommerfeld Trilogy) by Kim Vogel Sawyer which was the first book in the series.  I was excited to read it and knew that I needed to get reading because I had already renewed them once so there wasn't a lot more time!!  The great thing is that I read way too long in the summer months and was up until after 1 am reading this book and woke up to read it again!!  It was quickly finished!

Widower Marie Koeppler and her grown daughter Beth reluctantly return to the Mennonite community Marie abandoned twenty-three years ago. Soon after their arrival in Sommerfeld, a series of mysterious thefts raises the community's suspicions against the ""outsiders."" Can Marie prove their innocence, or will she be forced to flee once more? Henry Braun thought he'd gotten his love for Marie out of his system, but soon begins to wonder if she's stolen more than his heart. When it's all said and done, can Henry and Marie let bygones be bygones, or has their love been doomed from the start?

I loved the story of Marie and Beth returning to Marie's Mennonite upbringing.  It was interesting to see all of the differences between the Amish life and the Mennonite life.  However, the house that Aunt Lisbeth left them had no electricity and many of the items that are found in an Amish home.  It was interesting to watch both of the women find their way in this new environment.  I wasn't sure what was going to happen with a little bit of mystery popping up in the book but I was excited to hang on and find out.  I know that you will be enjoying the ups and downs of this book too!!  I hope that you enjoy this book and others in the Sommerfield Triology.  I know that you will like them as much as I have!

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