Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Christmas Bride Book Review

I was looking for the short story Only Us and it turned out that it was published in this book!!  A Christmas Bride: Only Us: A Fool's Gold Holiday\The Sheik and the Christmas Bride by Susan Mallery was quickly reserved and I was excited to fill in the blanks in the series.  I was a little sad when I opened it and found that my story was indeed short and under 70 pages :(  The other story in the book was interesting and very different so it was nice to mix up my reading since I have been going through everything in the Fool's Gold series so quickly.

Only Us

Pet groomer Carina Fiore wants nothing more than to confess her feelings to the man she loves. She's drawn to veterinarian Cameron McKenzie's good looks, caring nature and especially his devotion to his young daughter. There's just one problem—he's her boss. Putting her heart on the line could cost Rina both her job and their friendship forever. But when a kiss under the mistletoe unlocks the simmering passion between them, Rina and Cameron may just find love for the holidays after all….

The Sheik and the Christmas Bride

When Prince As'ad of El Deharia agrees to adopt three orphaned American girls, he does so on one condition—that their beautiful teacher, Kayleen James, become their nanny. His plan is to leave her to deal with the children as he continues his life, undisturbed. But all that changes when Kayleen and the girls invade the palace—and As'ad's heart—and change it for the better.

Only Us was the first story in the book and I totally could have read a longer book.  It has great characters and great story.  Carina was a wonderful person who was looking for happiness but had shut herself off because she was in love with her boss and refused to make her feelings known.  There was a fast turn around and things changed quickly.  Overall, I loved the story but would have liked more!!  The second story was about a Prince in another country where some Americans are living.  The customs are very different and three girls are about to be taken from the orphanage to be separated and treated as slaves but their teacher fights for them.  She convinces the local prince to take in the children and she becomes their nanny.  Everything is different when they all move into the royal palace but you are going to have to check out the book to find out how!!  I hope that you check out this book and others in the Fool's Gold series.  I think that you will enjoy it as much as I have!!!  Let me know if you rhavew read the series and have any foavirte books or ones that I can't miss!!!

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