Monday, April 4, 2016

Menu Plan Monday 4/4

Monday- Chicken Panini Sandwiches
Tuesday- Pasta with garlic bread
Wednesday- Chicken Tacos with spicy saffron rice
Thursday- Chicken fries, popcorn chicken with homemade French fries
Friday- Frozen Mexican Tacos with saffron rice
Saturday- Breakfast for Dinner and Leftovers
Sunday- ??

I am actually getting to the bottom of the protein and some carbs that I have in the freezer so we are running low on options for this month that we already have at the house.  Of course some of the items that are missing are a little silly like I grabbed the sausage, ricotta, and mozzarella cheese but totally didn't get the lasagna noodles.  Maybe this will be the push that I need to make the pasta for this meal but who knows because I am too stingy to spend the money on the $200 one for the Kitchen Aid .  I thought that I was going to pick them up at Aldi and then it turns out that are also seasonal!!  I hate that about Aldi because they have strange things that are seasonal but I should have bought another one to have the cupboard so partly my fault. 

I have 9 days on the menu that are empty and some of those are going to be leftover nights but I need to get a little more creative to finish out the month.  I think that we are going to do some breakfast meals and others but first we need to find out what the soccer practice and game schedule is because we sadly might end up with at least three nights of pizza depending on the game alsways throws a wrench in the plans so I am waiting.  One trip to Wegman's to get the ground beef will fill in at least three of the meals so we might be totally fine for the month.  I hope that you have a tasty week!!


  1. I agree with the seasonal items at Aldi, it drives me nuts. They used to have huge hunks Black Forest Hams that were "seasonal" when I first shopped there so I bought them every week and even bought a meat slicer. They had them for a few months actually, and then nothing since and it's been over a year. Ugh. I didn't realize the lasagna was seasonal there too although I do recall seeing it once and then not the next time I wanted to buy it. I've been waiting for the Fit & Active Light Mayo to come back into stock for several weeks. When it does, I'm buying 10 jars, lol!
    I had the opposite problem of you: I had the lasagna noodles but not any of the other ingredients (forgot to buy them). I found a recipe for Chicken & Spinach lasagna that doesn't need ricotta cheese so I'm making that tonight although I'm substituting some ingredients.

    Confession: I don't miss those nights when we had to be at games or concerts and I had to pick up dinner from Subway. I'm so sick of Subway now, I never want to go anymore! Good luck with your pizzas!

    1. Seasonal popcorn is the worst part for me because we use a lot of it and I never know how much to get but I think that there was a box that came out some other time after the "season" and I have the freezer filled with a few bags. The lasagna noodles are going to be depressing because I need to go to the store and get them... they were on sale last week at Harris Teeter but I forgot that I needed them and didn't bother because I still had to go to Aldi's so I figured that it wouldn't matter. SEASONAL!!! UGH!! I think that I need the date up there to find out what the heck the season is :)

      I am totally sick of pizza take out because of rushing but it is only $5 so it is a good value so not a huge bite out of the budget so that at least makes me feel better then stopping other place even if I am totally sick of eating pizza. It is my son's favorite so at least he is happy and I haven't blown the budget!!


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