Monday, February 1, 2016

Menu Plan Monday 2/1


Monday- Barber Chicken with white rice
Tuesday- Stir Fry Noodles with chicken
Wednesday- Chicken fries and Popcorn Chicken with homemade fries
Thursday- Pasta with garlic bread
Friday- French Dip Sloppy Joe with homemade rolls and mac and cheese
Saturday- Whole Roasted Chicken with sides
Sunday- Breakfast or Leftovers

I scheduled the February meals before the beginning of the month!!  I got a lot more done through the snow storm to be a little more organized for the coming month which is really excited.  I even took a picture of the calendar to post for the month!!  Great addition so you have the picture of the month before I make any changes.  I am still working on finishing a few weekends with meals but excited to move forward with the plan.

I went through the pantry and the freezer to work on a few meals that we have already on hand.  We are going to go through most of Barber chicken, spaghetti, Asian stir fry sauce and all of the Asian noodles, penne pasta, boneless chicken, whole chickens, and ground beef with the plan.  I will need to get more potatoes and some veggies to make it through the month but most of the shopping will be to stock up for the coming months.  Hope you have a tasty week!!


  1. It sounds as though you made excellent use of your "snow days" to get better organized. I like the idea of using up what is available in your freezer and pantry, so you can spend your February's grocery budget on all those deals coming up. I actually had money left over from January's budget because I was using up food I bought for the December holidays. Nice when that happens.

    1. I like to try to plan ahead and getting to one month forward is always helpful when budgeting because it helps me to buy the items at the best price. Then I have the next month to figure out how to use them!! I did all my January totals and my post on what I got for the month and then realized how much I had left and went shopping to get a ton of things out of last months budget...barely stayed under but got a lot of things for this month. Hope you end up under budget this month too :)


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