Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Horse for Kate Book Review

I decided that I was going to read this series that was new to me and there was a big bonus since they were coming out with the fourth book in the series...they sent me all four books to read.  A Horse for Kate (Horses and Friends) by Miralee Ferrell was the first book in the series.  I have gotten two books before in order to read the whole series and review the book but this was the first time that I got four of them at once!!  I was excited to check out this new kids series and see if it was something my son would like to read too.

 A horse of her own would be awesome. But Kate figures that might be a long way away, especially since she had to give up riding lessons and move to her late grandfather’s farm. Besides, it would be a lot more fun to have a best friend to ride with. When Kate discovers a barn on their new farm that’s perfect for a horse, and a dusty bridle too, she starts to think that her dream might come true. Then she meets Tori at school, who is totally the best. So when they discover a thoroughbred that appears to be all alone, could it be the answer to her prayers? Maybe. If she can convince her dad ... and figure out what’s going on with that horse.

I loved horses as a kid and the great thing about growing up in the country was that we had friends that lived farther out in the country and they had horses.  I got to spend a few years riding and cleaning the horses.  I still have the helmet that my mom bought for me to ride.  This book was about a girl who had just moved and had no friends until she met one girl, Tori, who turned out to be her best friend.  Tori found a chance to work at a horse farm and took Kate there for a surprise.  The big surprise is how these two very different friends work to support each other.  I enjoyed the book and can't wait to read the next in the series.  I am not sure that my son will be interested in this series because he has shown zero interest in horses but I will keep it on the shelf and hope to share it with him soon.  There are both boy and girl characters through the book but the main characters are both girls so this might appeal to the young girls more then the boys.  I hope that you check out this book at your local library or bookstore if you think that this series might interest you or your children.

** I  got this book with the others in the series in order to read the whole series.  I was only supposed to review the 4th book in the series but was given all of the books so I will review all of the books.  I review both books that I get at the library and through publishers on my site to share with you all of the books that I read to see if you might be interested.  I am not sure if there is a disclosure with this but I did get a copy of this book from the publisher even though my review was not required.

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