Friday, January 1, 2016

Year End Budget Review!!!

My monthly budget was $160 per month for all of our household needs.  This includes all of the grocery items, paper products and cleaning products.  I have set that budget based on years of buying groceries and cutting back a little each month until I found the perfect amount that we can live on without buying too much that we don't need.  This forces us to make the most of the items that we have and get creative when we are down to the bottom of the month.  There is no waste (or as little as possible with a little man who doesn't always know what his stomach is going to hold).  We reinvent our leftovers to make sure that we are enjoying everything so we don't waste the food available.

Are you wondering how I did this year?  I was wondering how the whole year was going to work out because normally I have a little sheet in my notebook so that I put the monthly totals in but I haven't done a great job of keeping track this year.  We were really too busy trying to maintain two houses, sell the one, remodel the other and move!  I am super happy where we ended up.  We only had three months over budget.  I used February as a no spend month because we were trying to use up things in the house for the move and it is the shortest month of the year.

January          $71.46
February        $1.03
March            $61.81
April             $128.55
May              $151.81
June              $226.86
July              $140.01
August         $198.87
September   $186.29
October       $125.71
November   $112.30
December    $131.93

Total  OOP  $1536.63

Monthly Average is $128.05

I think that the year went well overall even though there were some ups and downs in the middle of construction and moving.  We spent this whole year in a little bit of transition with two households. I am not really sure what the savings are because I didn't add them up in the middle of the move because it was just a miracle that I kept track of the receipts and shopping.

Are you looking for a new years resolution or a way to make ends meet?  Try stocking up on things at rock bottom prices and using the items to make the meals your family likes.  Use everything including leftovers, bread crusts and chicken bones to make more food.  Cook lots of things from scratch to make meals and treats at home.  There are tons of ways to keep your budget rock bottom prices and I try to use them all to make the most of what we have and stretch those grocery dollars.  I am going to put on turkey broth and spaghetti sauce to make lots more food from the fridge, freezer, and pantry!!


  1. That is simply AMAZING, Alison! Way to go!

    I look forward to continue reading you in 2016 and cheering your on! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for the note! I thought it was pretty good in the middle of everything going on with the move and transition. I really thought that it was going to be a lot worse with the mess and not having a kitchen but I am sure that the going out to eat was way higher in 2015 then in many past years. Here is hoping that we both have great luck in 2016!! Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Alison,
    I am in absolute AWE of you! Seriously you ROCKED your food bill! Adding in the stress of the move/remodel, etc, and just WOW! You are an inspiration to me!
    I can't wait to see what the 2016 brings for you! Happy New Year and thank you so much for your wonderful blog!!!

    1. Thanks for the sweet note!! I was amazed when I saw how everything turned out because I really didn't know what to expect. I usually keep a running total and have a better idea of what is going on in the year but I had like three months written down and had to put together my monthly totals to even know how bad it was... It was a total surprise that things hadn't fallen apart even with a few months over budget. Look forward to following your blog in the new year!!

  3. Hey lady, just saw a post on SouthernSavers about Harris Teeter doing the super doubles thing starting on 1/6. I'm sure you already know about it but just in case...


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