Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Month End Budget Review

I really don't know where the month went but I spent most of the money at the beginning of the month.  You can see the beginning of my month review here.  There are details of what I got each place but I don't think that I got too much this month.  Luckily, I think that this sets us up for next month perfectly.

My mom and dad came into town so they brought some things with them including some produce (which was looking a little sad) and tons of chips for my son.  My mom also went to Aldi's with my husband and she paid for everything that they got including stuff for us and stuff for them.  My dad went to Trader Joes and he got a few more things for my son including cookies and apple cider.  We had an easy end of the month without too many more grocery expenses.

Below is what I got for the month:

Wegmans $1.27 + $30.74= $32.01

Harris Teeter  $9.44 + $7.26= $16.70

I got three Cinnamon Toast Crunch and two Honey Nut Cheerios.  Under advice from my 6 year old, we got 8 boxes of granola bars because they go very quickly because he likes them.

CVS $6.98

My son was sick so I went to the store and grabbed some medicine.   Got lots of coupons and deals so it was not a high ticket that it would normally be.

Safeway $2.75

My husband took my son to the store to get doughnuts and they brought them home to enjoy.

Aldi $4.70

My husband went to the store to get milk and also got two bags of chips.  The chips are already gone and this is an old picture that I took since I didn't take any pictures when my husband came home.

Harris Teeter $48.23

Walgreens $17.51

Aldi $3.05

I went to get Parmesan cheese so that I could make lasagna.  There was also a sale on carrots so I grabbed those so that I could make soup for my husband which was my plan for the last week off.

At the same time, we stopped at CVS.  I grabbed a ton of different things with my parents and used lots of my coupons to get some nuts for my dad and other things for my dad.  They ended up paying the total because there was a sign on the shelf that said that if they bought $15 of CVS products then they would get $5 ECB backs.  I grabbed lots of things that was free after coupon but I didn't even have to pay for them because it helped their they got all my coupons.  I got two nut bars and four bags of popcorn.

Total OOP $131.93

I don't really know what is on the list for the month but I guess I will know soon enough when I start working on the menu plan!!  I hope that you had a great month and an end to a wonderful year.


  1. Hi Alison, that's a pretty good spend for December. I think I spent over that in one osupermarket alone. Oops!
    Can I ask, I saw that brand of mac'n'cheese in Lid the other day. Is it nice? I have never bought it in a box before but think it would be good to have in the cupboard as a stand by. Xx

    1. The mac and cheese is Wegman's brand and it is our family favorite. My son refuses to eat anything else. I try to make a little bit of something in every meal that he loves so we eat that at least once a week. The bonus is that we enjoy it too. It is super cheap too. I hope you can get it too if they have Wegman's in your area.


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