Friday, October 30, 2015

When Love Returns Book Review

I was excited to get the opportunity to read the third book in the series that I have been enjoying.  It took me a little while to get When Love Returns: A Novel (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy)
by Kim Vogel Sawyer but I was happy when I did!!  I had to read the first few chapters to remember all the great background of these characters but once I was into the book, it was hard to put down!!

It wasn’t easy to move back to the Old Order Mennonite community from which quiet, responsible Suzanne Zimmerman was shamefully sent away as a pregnant teen. Returning twenty years later to take care of her mother, Suzanne and Alexa—the daughter she raised as her own—have spent months rebuilding relationships with her family.  Now with the upcoming wedding of their biological daughter,  Suzanne and Paul find themselves drawn to one another once again—but with new challenges to face. They have been single parents with painful pasts. Can Paul and Suzanne find the strength to rebuild the loving relationship that was torn apart by their teen pregnancy so long ago?  Suzanne must also let go of Alexa as she heads back to Indianapolis to visit friends--and as her chance to find her birth parents. Leaving the bed-and-breakfast in Suzanne’s apprehensive hands, Alexa embarks on a journey that will certainly change her life completely. Can mother and daughter trust God to restore all things in His timing?

The title of the book was about the love returning which I think mainly applies to Suzanne and Paul finding their old love again.  But it also applies to the love of family with all of the adopted children finding out who their parents are and showing life and love can continue with new families as well.  It was heart warming to see the adoption stories unfolding.  I enjoyed the revealing of Alexa's birth mother and family even though it was hard on her to search for her.  It ended up being something that helped bring closure to the questions or her birth and her birth mother.  She ends up feeling much better about her life with a weight lifted and finds out she has two half siblings to add to her family.  Anna Grace finds out her parents are and grows to understand that she was loved by both her birth parents and her adoptive parents.  All the characters in the book grow with this new found love.  I hope that you check out this book and all the other great books in this wonderful series!!!

**Please Note:  I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion and review.  All opinions here are my own.

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