Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Halloween!!

We are going to going trick or treating with our little one and enjoying a little time out in the new neighborhood.  This is our little fireman with his friend last year :)


Do you do anything fun during the Halloween??


  1. Happy Halloween and Day Before Daylight Savings' End!

    What is your son going as this year? Have fun trick or treating!

    Nothing special planned here (I'm not even sure of what's for dinner yet) aside from hiding from any trick or treaters that might wander down our dark street :) Since my daughter and middle son will be out late (party and work), I'm going to tell them to bring a flashlight with them because I'm not turning on the porch light tonight. Weirdly, that and the lack of Halloween decorations has never discouraged people from knocking on our door anyway... I'm not anti Halloween, I just don't like people coming to my house. These days there are very few young kids in our area (or if there are, they're never outside so I'm not aware of them) so I'm thinking it'll probably be a non-event.

    1. He wore the same costume this year! I got it used at a consignment sale and used it for two years. Before that he was a pirate for at least two or three years so we are good at using the same costume over and over!! Thank goodness because those can be expensive. The pants are still too big for him so we might be able to use them next year too but I couldn't find the hat because I forgot to search in all the boxes so hopefully we will find it before next year. He wore a plastic hat this year but it kept falling off :( Of well, next year will be better because we will have gotten rid of everything in the storage room and I will actually know where things are :)


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