Monday, October 26, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 10/26

Monday- Pizza Grilled Cheese and soup
Tuesday- Pasta
Wednesday- Worchestershire Chicken and white rice
Thursday- Chicken Nugget Wraps and homemade fries
Friday- Leftovers
Saturday- Early Dinner before Trick or Treating!!
Sunday- Breakfast for Dinner

I can't believe that we made it to the end of the month and the start of the new month.  I guess that it went well for the first month getting back to planning one month ahead of time but I need to try to get the freezer stocked so that I am ready to plan for next month.  I am sure that I can start the plan and fill in the blanks for the coming month but I am glad to have the first month back on track. 

I had a few things on the menu .  Hope you have a yummy week planned!!


  1. The Pizza Grilled Cheese sounds especially yummy! And kudos for being able to plan that far in advance! Can't wait to see what November brings and what tips I can glean off you! ;)

    1. I came up with it one time because we have yummy fresh mozz. cheese and pepperonis. Then we dip in spaghetti sauce. It is super easy and tasty. Just like pizza with less effort :)

  2. Good job planning ahead Alison :) Once again I have yet to think up a menu plan for the week... off to see what inspires me in my freezer for dinner tonight!

    1. Hope you found lots of great things in the freezer!!


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