Friday, October 23, 2015

Angel Mine Book Review

I was super excited to start on the second and final book in this series of books.  Angel Mine (Whispering Wind Novel) by Sherryl Woods started off with a quick start.  I was hooked from the start because there was a new character who was struggling with her life and trying to figure out how she could be a single mother with a career in New York City.

Heather Reed thought she was making the right choice when she decided to raise her daughter, Angel, on her own. But three years later, Heather realizes she needs help. Her career as an actress is faltering, and Angel's more than she can handle alone. It's time to track down Angel's father…only problem is, he doesn't know Angel exists.

Heather's search leads her to Whispering Wind, Wyoming. If Todd Winston is dismayed to see his old girlfriend show up in town, he's shocked when he looks into the angelic eyes of the little girl who is clearly his daughter. Todd flatly refuses to open his life to Angel. Heather flatly refuses to leave town until she finds out why. Amazingly, they discover that through compromise and understanding lies the road straight to family.

I really enjoyed this book and this series even though I think that the description of this book was little off from what I thought the book was about (but I rarely read the descriptions ahead so it didn't matter as much to me).  The characters are really interesting and keep you wondering what you are going to find out next.  Heather was trying to make it as a single mother of Angel and struggling to do the best for her daughter while trying to bring in a living and work as an actress.  It turns out to be too much so she decides to find Angel's dad who didn't even know that he had a child.  Todd was shocked to find out and ready to pay any amount of money to help but unwilling to have any contact with his daughter.  Heather tries to figure out she can do to help Todd while her feelings for him are growing.  You have to pick it up to find out what happens but I know that you won't be disappointed.  I hope that you check out this book and the other book in this series at your local library or bookstore and enjoy it as much as I did.


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