Monday, September 7, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 9/7

Monday- Chicken Stir Fry, Pot Stickers, Edamame with simple chicken fried rice
Tuesday- Chicken Nugget Wraps with homemade fries
Wednesday- Tacos
Thursday- Pasta and garlic bread
Friday- Grilled Chicken with white rice
Saturday- Leftovers around Soccer Game/Friend's Birthday Party
Sunday- Burke Festival Day?? maybe Pizza takeout because my son isn't into healthy fair food

We have back to school this week and I am going for the rest of my dental work :(  Hoping next week I will be able to try something more interesting like new recipes but it might have to wait for next week because things are going to be a little busy.  I am going to be working a few days a week so things are going to be interesting to see how I adapt to this new schedule.  It might take an adjustment.  How are you adjusting to the new fall schedule??


  1. Pot stickers... oh yum! Do you make them from scratch? I have printed several recipes to make some but haven't worked up the courage or energy to actually put them on the menu yet. I love that stuff!

    Also, you guys have "healthy fair food"?! In NOVA? Aren't you still part of the South? ha ha. ha. I'm so hungry right now everything sounds good, I have to admit. Even whatever healthy fair food is. (deep fried lettuce?)

    1. I have never made pot stickers from scratch. I have made wontons and eggrolls and a lot of other things but I actually picked up a box at Aldi on my last trip there and thought that it would be a nice little treat. I put my husband in charge of them tonight and our new stovetop runs very hot so we had a little bit blackened pot stickers. Still tasty though and not too expensive at Aldi prices.

      In terms of "healthy" fair food, I would mean anything that resembles a meal. He would eat french fries, funnel cake, ice cream and that might be it. We actually got him to try a hot dog last year which was the only one that he ever ate at almost 7 years old. I use the term healthy very loosely but I guess I mean anything not filled with sugar because that would leave him with only french fries :)


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