Monday, May 4, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 5/4

Another week with limited food in the house but made a quick trip to Wegman's to get some ground beef to have some yummy meals through the month.  I cooked half of the package as soon as I got home and make two containers of french dip sloppy joes and two containers of salsa sloppy joes which went straight in the freezer.  I am working on cleaning out the cupboard but not making a lot of progress forward so we will probably still have a lot to move but on the plus side, not as much to stock up on after the move.

Chicken Fried Rice and Egg Rolls with Spicy Garlic Green Beans
Chicken Nugget Wraps and Homemade French Fries
Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes (using last of chicken)
Olive Oil Spaghetti or Pasta and garlic bread or leftover garlic pizza bites with fresh basil (YUM)
Tacos with saffron rice (using last of Nacho Cheese Hard shells)
French Dip Sloppy Joes on homemade rolls with chicken rice

Here is hoping that we have another good week and eat a bunch of meals at home and not out at restaurants.  Also hoping that we only have a few more weeks of this before moving into the new house.  We are going to be out town for some time during the month because of my cousin's wedding so I want to make sure that I get some good food for my son in before we are eating from the restaurant for a few days.  Hope you have a great week and enjoy some yummy meals!!!

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