Saturday, May 2, 2015

April Showers Brings Shopping Flowers!

I did a lot of grocery shopping this month but still came in well under budget.  I don't know why I went so crazy but I guess that means that I had too much time!!

Safeway $1.03

My husband brought home two doughnuts (not the whole case) but sadly they get eaten long before pictures could be taken so you get the picture that he sent me of the selection.  YUM!

Aldi $33.92

I am sure that I took a picture of my trip but I couldn't find it anywhere in my picture files.  Oh well, I got 20 lbs of russet potatoes, gallon of milk, mint chocolate chip ice cream, celery, chicken nuggets, chicken fries, 3 blocks of cheddar cheese, 1 block of jack cheese, lettuce, nacho cheese tortilla chips, Vanilla Wafers, wheat crackers, brownie mix, and Aldi "Oreos."  I still have a little bit left of the potatoes, celery and the chicken nuggets but everything else is long gone.

Target $9.19

I didn't take a picture but I got these two for my sick little man.  He enjoyed the immune gummies because they were tasty so who knows if they helped but why not?!  We used up most of the medicine which seems to be the way anymore with the sicknesses so I will have to go out and do it all over again when he gets sick.

Harris Teeter $25.04

This was my first and only trip to super doubles.  I haven't couponed in so long that it was a sort of sad trip but I got what I came for with just a little of disorganization.  I can tell you that there were two very nice ladies in the cereal aisle that could obviously see that I was not with it and they handed me no less than 6 coupons and even handed me food.  I shouldn't be surprised but I didn't prepare and hadn't even cut most of the coupons in my mess so I didn't know what I had and what I didn't.  I knew that I needed Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios.  We also needed granola bars.  I grabbed ice cream too because it was on sale and Turkey Hill is our favorite!!  I got free juice boxes, coffee creamer, and tea bags.  The rest of the items were super great deals so that I saved $67.42!!

Aldi $13.20

Went for oranges for soccer and got a ton of junk...which of course we have been eating.

Harris Teeter $16.45

I went to get lunch meat which was on sale with coupon cheaper then Aldi and some milk.  There were also two clearance nuggets that ended up being $1.99 per package which is more then I would normally pay but we ate them that week for dinner so it was still a bargain.  I also picked up a bag of nuggets which were $3.99 after coupon which is the same price as Aldi's for nuggets that I think taste better.

Aldi $7.59

HaHa!!  My husband and my son walked through the aisle and got things at the store.  I don't even know what we came home with but I know that we got Starburst Jelly beans and 2 containers of Easter Sprinkles for $0.99 each.  I think that we also got a bag of Aldi Nacho chips, Sour Cream and Chives Pringles and Aldi "Oreos" and one block of cheese.  Of course, he promptly lost the receipt and they started eating the jelly beans!

CVS $20.52 

My husband needed allergy medicine so I went to the store and we found some great deals (not the allergy medicine but what are going to do)!  There were Centrum Kids Vitamins on sale $3.44 and I used a $2 coupon so they were $1.44 per bottle!!!  I also got the Advil for $0.27 per bottle.  We also needed tissues which were $1.50 for the box.  We added the extra yummy treat of fruit slices for $0.99.

CVS $0.34

CVS $0.68

CVS $0.38

CVS $0.21

Total OOP $128.55

I know that this seems crazy but I haven't spent this much on groceries (if you can call them that) since last February (over a year ago!?! WHAT!!!).  I think part of it was poor planning and the other part was way too much junk food.  We are running low on a few different foods at the house and we are hoping to move by the end of last month so I am trying not to buy a lot of things.  I am actually putting most of the things that I am stocking up on at the new house so I am bringing groceries to two different houses.  Everything is super confusing but I hope to have a low month next month even though I know that we will need some ground beef which I am getting at the beginning of May.  How did your month go??


  1. That's a crazy low amount for the month, Alison! Imagine if you hadn't had to buy all the snacks! Did you total up how much you guys spent on eating out?
    We went a little over my desired budget (but not over the official budget so it's all good) and we barely ate out (but we don't have a house on the market like you do) so it was a great month for us, I think.
    Also, I'm jealous that you were able to get the Meta bars at CVS. They were out of them when I went on Wednesday. I had gotten one as a sample in the mail last month and it was pretty darn good.
    I hope the kiddo is feeling better.

    1. We are dealing with allergies now but luckily all of the sickness is over. We bought so much junk food this month it was like the grocery store has become an extension of eating out!! YUCK!! I am obviously giving up with the house on the market and everything going on :) We were luckily well below budget but I would have like to not bought as much junk but I guess such is life when you are too busy. I have not added up the amounts of us eating out but we are using the credit card everytime so I have a running total. I went on to the statement and added it up and got around $184 for April so I really don't think that is too bad which is why I am trying to keep the grocery spending low because I think that if we stick to the budget even though it is going to eating out instead of eating home, it won't be so bad when I go back and figure out the budget :)

      Funny about the Meta bars because I didn't even know it was a deal because I was focused on getting vitamins for my son and allergy meds for my husband. I got the coupon and almost got rid of it until I read it and I didn't pick it up until the last CVS store I went to... I ate it for breakfast this morning. It was pretty good. I hit 4 different stores to get the deal on the Children's Advil. Couldn't pass up $0.17 which is what it was at the other CVS stores (sadly the first store was over priced by $0.10). I grabbed all I could and I will stock the box because those travel ones go quick!!


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