Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: More Selling Going On!!

I posted previously about all of the selling that I was doing on facebook and I am super excited to say that I jumped back in and put a bunch more things up to sell.  I haven't been super successful because it takes a little bit of work to get these things done.

I sold the tricycle that my son used to use that we bought used.  I wish that I could remember how much we bought it for but I think that I sold it for the same price which is always super great!!

We bought this bedroom set used at the same sale and used for a little bit but my son really only uses the bottom sheet and didn't ever use the top sheet, comforter, and the Clifford so I figured that it was time to sell and move on to the others that we already had.  I am super excited to say that I think that I sold it for the same price that I bought it for so it was just a short rental!!

We got a travel highchair that we used from friends and I sold it for $4.  Although not a huge profit, it is great to use something and sell it for more then you paid.

We took three vanities out of the new house to replace and we sold them for $90!!  We also sold one of the old light fixtures and a toilet for $15.  Not really a profit but it was something that we weren't planning on selling and I made over $100 so I am super excited to get a little profit on the construction stuff since we are spending a fortune on the new things to go into the house.

 I picked out a few things that I couponed for out of a box that I was moving upstairs in the new house which I had all intentions of putting up on eBay and decided to sell those too!  I got lots of interest in them so obviously I could have sold them for a lot more but I got $15 for them.  Super excited to get more out the door and more money in my pocket.

I am up to $947!!  I still have a bunch more things to sell but I need to get to work and try to break $1000!!  I think that I am doing better than if I had a garage sale but I think that I might still have to get together with the neighbor and have a garage sale to sell some of the smaller stuff.  I know that I am going to work to post a few more things each day to see how much more I can get rid of so that we don't have to move it!!

My husband also took another load to the scrap yard and made another $31.  We are now up to $79 in our scrapping experiment.  I can tell you that most of the money comes from the copper that we pulled out of the house to replace with new copper.  We also have a bunch more wires so my husband and I stripped some to see if we could get more money for it but it wasn't worth the extra work.  We have one more load to take including a cast iron tub so we are aiming to try to break $100.  I am not sure that we are going to do this long term but it is a great way to get rid of "trash" from the construction and move and put a little money in our pockets (and not have to pay for disposal).

We are working to cut down on the things around our new house and make a little money at our house.  How do you cut down on the extra stuff around your house from piling up?? Do you do garage sales?  I would love any tips on how you keep organized and declutter!!!

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