Thursday, April 30, 2015

Small Town Brides Book Review

I was looking for more books by Janet Tronstad and found this book in the library which turned out to be two books in one by different authors.  Small-Town Brides: A Dry Creek Wedding\A Mule Hollow Match
by Debra Clopton, Janet Tronstad was an interesting mix of two authors and their two towns and characters.  The one starts off where the other left off which was lead to a little more interest in the new author for me!

A Dry Creek Wedding by Janet TronstadWhen her boyfriend proposes a "practical" marriage, romantic Rene Mitchell leaves town until her car breaks down on the side of the road. Fleeing Texas for Montana, Rene rides with tow truck driver Clay Preston. Clay lived in the same small town of Mule Hollow but never had a chance to talk to Rene and now they have nothing but time while Clay is driving her to her Aunt's house to start her new life.

A Mule Hollow Match by Debra Clopton 

Trace Crawford broke Paisley Norton's cousin, Rene's, heart--so Paisley thinks he deserves whatever trouble he gets! Trace begs Paisley to help him because no one else in town is willing to help him.  The best suggestion that he has gotten is the school teacher who is on break for the summer even though he is the one that ran Rene out of town.  He is really lost when it comes to caring for his new niece because he didn't grow up with his parents and doesn't know where to start. The hatred that starts the book is quickly replaced with kindness towards the new little girl in both their lives.

I enjoyed both short stories a lot although it was a little bit of a stretch that a tow truck driver would drive someone from Texas to Montana in the one story and that the person who was most hurt by the actions of Trace would be the person who helped him out.  If you get over the unrealistic nature of the stories, they are both entertaining and kept me reading to find out what happens next.  Just like in my movies, I like books to be entertaining and don't really put a lot of stock in having the most realistic plot so if that bothers you, you might want to skip this book.  If you are a looking for a fun summer beach book, this might be up your alley.  I hope that you enjoy it and try other books in both series.

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