Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Rich Man for Dry Creek and A Hero For Dry Creek Book Review

I was reading through the books that I got through the library and I had another book in the Dry Creek series, A Rich Man for Dry Creek / A Hero for Dry Creek (Love Inspired Classics) by Janet Tronstad.  I was glad to get the few books that I could find at the beginning of the series from the library.  There aren't all of the books that I could find in the library but I look forward to finding a lot more books in this series.  Especially after reading this book with two stories included in one really big book.

A Rich Man for Dry Creek
All Robert Buckwalter wanted was a woman who'd love him for himself, not his money. Maybe a little town in Montana was just the place to find her—and maybe feisty personal chef,  Jenny Black, was just the woman to show him what true wealth really was.  Tiny Dry Creek, Montana, was the last place on earth Jenny would come to find love and a wealthy playboy was the last man on earth she'd find appealing. But when her employer's son caught her off guard with a kiss, Jenny didn't have a prayer of resisting him!
Fed up with jet-set gold diggers, Robert Buckwalter III was on the lookout for a faithful female who'd settle for a simple lifestyle in God's country. Jenny fit the bill -- and Robert was willing to trade his fat wallet for a little help from the man upstairs to win her over.

A Hero for Dry Creek
Maybe Nicki Redfern was still asleep, but it looked as though a handsome prince stood outside her window.
While acting as chauffeur for a former Dry Creek resident, Garrett Hamilton fell hard for Nicki. The cute rancher made his heart quiver, but he felt compelled to return to his nomad existence while he is drove a truck. With his mission now complete, Garrett faced the struggle of his life--could he live without Nicki Redfern or did he actually deserve true love and happily-ever-after with this special woman? Garrett Hamilton didn't see himself a hero— or even a man worthy of a good woman's love. But Nicki Redfern, the lovely rancher he'd been sent to protect, was making him wonder if he'd somehow found everything he wasn't even looking for.

I loved that the first book was about the same characters from the previous book.  It was great to read it right after finishing the next book because you got the perspective of the other characters on the same events that were happening previously.  The second book was totally new characters and I loved it too.  They are such great characters that you are pulling for the good guys to come out on top.  I know that I am going to look for more in this series to add to my reading list.  I hope that you check them out if you get a chance.  I am sure you will enjoy the heart warming stories about finding love and being a good person.  I hope that you check out this books at your local library or bookstore soon.

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