Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Goals 8/18

We had a busy week but lots of fun!  I am starting to get a little worried that the summer is coming to an end and there are a million and one things that I wanted to do and we didn't get a chance.  Oh well, always next year right?  I say that every year and there is always something that makes me decide that I don't want to go all the way into DC for the zoo and museums!!  I am going to have to come up with a long list of things that we want to do and start checking them off as we go or else I might not get to doing them :)  Do you ever feel like that?  Well, here is my long list of things that we did this week and what we had planned for next week!!

Last week:

Family Goals
  • Spend time with family
  • Go to Fairytale storytime- We had a lot of fun at storytime hearing the stories and making crafts with new friends
  • Legos at the library- We had a good time making a big tower with the man who brought all of the Legos to the library.  It was fun for the little man and he really enjoyed seeing the finished product.
  • Sunnyland Music performance- He had a blast singing and dancing with all the stuff that he already learned last time.  It is a great performance for anyone in the local area!
  • Uno, Dos, Tres Con Andres Music Performance- We ended up going to the playground and then My Gym open play because he begged.  He had a blast staying busy with those two things that he didn't even miss seeing his favorite performer.  As long as we are out doing something fun that is all that matters!
  • My Gym Camp- As always, he had a blast.  This week he colored sunglasses and he would have stayed all day if I let him!
  • Fun Flicks at the library- We saw four movies based on books including two that we saw last week.  I guess they don't do a great job of communicating what they are playing but he enjoyed it anyway!
  • Rocknoceros Music Performance at Mason District- Well, that morning Aunt Kim facetimed and told us that her work was having a family fun day for the area and there was going to be a moon bounce, face painting, teddy bear doctor and xray, popscicle, fire trucks, and bean bag toss.  There were so many fun things to do and it was not crowded so it was a great morning.  He used up so much energy that he fell asleep in the car ride home.
Personal Goals
  • Cut coupons- I cut all my coupons when I heard that super doubles was coming and cleaned out all the expired coupons in my coupon basket.  I was super proud of all of the cleaning and that everything fit back into the basket without a problem.
  • Get coupons on Friday - How is it that Friday always sneaks past me?  This morning I remembered that it was Friday but the library didn't have the paper by the time that I was leaving.  I was thinking about going to the other library on the way home later but couldn't remember why I was thinking that I needed to go to the library since we were just there.  I headed out at 8 pm to CVS where the papers were already picked through and there were only three inserts left in a pile of 50 papers.  Come on people!!!  So I went to the Giant and there were 14 papers left there... luckily only a few of those were picked over...  Glad that I got it done and got my papers but I really need to remember later in the day!
  • Shut off computer 6 nights to save energy- I shut off the computer every night and every day when we left the house.  It was nice to have it acting right when I went to use it because it was well rested...really need to get used to the idea of a new computer but I think that I just have this one worn in perfectly!
  • Continue to read Games with Books- We had a great time reading some of the suggestions and playing the games with all of the details from the book.  It was a lot of information to read and take in so I ended up taking lots of notes which often takes me a little more time to read the book.  I finished the area with the picture books which I think is the information that I am going to use now but then I didn't get to the second half for a little bit... finished reading over the weekend :)
  • Read next book in the pile and get more from library- I read a book about Organization quickly after I got it and returned it quickly.  I got three more books from the library to start reading!! I started one of the books which should be done early next coming :)
Home Management Goals
  • Clean dishes, counters and floors at least 5 days of the week- I cleaned the dishes and the kitchen counters all week but the floors didn't get as clean as they should have been.  I was already on to other tasks in the morning and kept putting them off but I got down on hands and knees and cleaned the floor on Saturday so we will be off to a good start next week!
  • Clean dishes one night and not wait until the morning- Trying to be better this week and I did all of the dishes on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night so that there wouldn't be anything left to clean in the morning.  I was really excited to have a quiet morning but it also meant that I found a million reasons why I shouldn't be in the kitchen in the morning but I got a lot of other things done with the extra time like laundry and other things around the house.  Then, it all went off the rails on Wednesday because I had tooth pain, jaw pain, headache and my back started acting up so I was laying on the heating pad with ice packs on my face.  The dishes didn't get washed but I got back on track and got them all cleaned for the rest of the week.  So my little mini mission was to do them every night and I got mostly all done!
Blog Goals
  • Post one post everyday (schedule 7 posts so that can spend more time with family)- I got the posts scheduled and have all of them up so that I don't have to work on too much during the week.
  • Review book reviews completed during the week (if done)- I posted the book reviews and have them scheduled.
  • Work on a few posts to work ahead for the coming week- I got a few posts up and cleaned out of my drafts but there are still a lot more that I need to work on to get everything written that I have done already.  I have most of the month already planned out so I know that I will have a lot of extra posts up this month.
  • Post Sunday Weekly Goals, Menu Plan Monday, Kid Wednesday and Thrifty Thursday Tip - Done
This week:

Family Goals
  • Spend time with family 
  • Teddy Bear Dance Party
  • Friend's Birthday playdate
  • Pirate Ahoy storytime
  • Playdate at the park with a friend
  • My Gym Camp
  • Fun Flicks
  • Musical Teddy Bear party
  • Emergency Management and Safety Fair
  • Friend's Birthday party
Personal Goals
  • Cut coupons
  • Get coupons on Friday 
  • Shut off computer 6 nights to save energy
  • Continue to read Joy for Beginners by Erica Bauermeister
  • Read next book Plantation by Dorothea Benton Franks
Home Management Goals
  • Clean dishes, counters and floors at least 5 days of the week
  • Clean dishes one night and not wait until the morning
Blog Goals

  • Post one post everyday (schedule 7 posts so that can spend more time with family)
  • Review book reviews completed during the week (if done)
  • Work on a few posts to work ahead for the coming week
  • Post Sunday Weekly Goals, Menu Plan Monday, Kid Wednesday and Thrifty Thursday Tip

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