Friday, July 5, 2013

The America's Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook Book Review

The America's Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook by Editors at America's Test Kitchen was another great library find.  I saw it on the shelf and since I love all things America's Test Kitchen, I couldn't refuse.  I got it out and read it almost immediately.  I would have read it while driving home but I haven't figured out how yet.

The book is broken down into chapters to make it easier to go back and find your favorites:

Welcome to America's Test Kitchen
Stock the Pantry: Staples Made Fresh
Preserving the Season: Jams, Jellies and Spreads
Pickle It: From Cucumbers to Kimchi
Milky Ways: Cheese, Yogurt and Curds
Cured, Smoked, and Terrined: Preserving Meat and Fish
Snacks from Scratch: Favorites and Gourmet Goodies
Sweet Kitchen: Cookies, Candies, and Dessert Sauces
The Beverage Center: Sips, Brews, and Spirits
Meet the DIY Kitchen

I found a few recipes that I really liked which is not surprising.  The main one was their method of making corn tortillas since mine haven't always turned out so well in the past.  They give a bunch of helpful tips so I am going to try again since I still have the corn flour.  I am going to try to make these again soon so stay tuned and we will see if their directions help me to get a more homemade tasting corn tortilla like we used to eat in Mexico. 

There were a few recipes that I thought looked really interesting but I know that I don't currently have the time or patience for.  I saved the recipe for corn chips which use a different kind of flour so I know that they are far down on my list because I won't be going to the store to get another corn flour anytime soon but they looked super interesting.  I also saved the recipe for the strawberry jam which I would love to make some day but know that I am not going to be making anytime soon.  There were a few cookie recipes like chocolate sandwich cookies and peanut butter sandwich cookies.  As well as one for Ritz crackers that looks promising!!

The chapters on pickling, milk, smoking and brewing were less interesting to me because I know that they are very far down my list in things that I am going to try.  If these topics are of interest to you, the recipes in the chapter are amazing.  All of the pictures make you ready to taste the items but unfortunately, you have to make the food first!

Overall, I liked the book and it is set up like other America's Test Kitchen books with the reason why the recipe works and all of the steps before you actually get to the recipe which is the last page.  I love recipes that are set up like this because you can see if it is too much trouble to make the recipe.  I recommend that you check out this book especially if you are trying to do more things from scratch because there are a ton of recipes but some of them didn't appeal to me

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