Thursday, July 4, 2013

Homemade French Fries

Homemade french fries are super easy to make. The first thing that you need is potatoes.  Any kind is fine.  I think that russet potatoes are the super tastiest but I got these because they were on sale at Shoppers.

Next, I have this neat french fry cutter.  There are two different size inserts and I love it!  I got it cheap at a kitchen outlet store at one of the outlet malls.  My mom used to have a much more metal and old looking one so I knew that I needed it.  I love it and I am so glad that I bought it!!  Especially now with the influx of 15 pounds of potatoes!!!

I use the smallest potatoes so that I don't have to cut them but if you have bigger potatoes you have to cut them to fit into the press.  If you are against the skins then peel first but I think that they taste good (and I am too lazy to peel).  I did a few and got some in my pile and ran out of room on my cutting board.

I had to figure out what to do with the potatoes to make room.  I decided that I would put them in ice water which helps with a few things. 

1.  It cleans the potatoes. 

2.  It takes the starch off the outside so that they cook better.

3.  It keeps them fresh until frying

I got to cut the potatoes ahead of time while the rest of the family was outside.  This is what the water looked like when they were done soaking.  A little gross but at least that wasn't on my potatoes.

I put the potatoes on a towel and dried them.  This is really hard to do but the key to getting the nice outside crisp so make sure you use more towels if you have to and let them sit a little after rolling them around.

Then, I fry them until they are partially cooked.  I use a fry daddy but you can also cook them in oil in a deep enough pan to cover the potatoes.  Cook until partially cooked and take them out and drain on to the paper towels.  I saw this ages ago on a blog that cooking them twice helps make them crispier on the outside and softer on the inside.  The biggest benefit is that all of the fries are hot because they are going into the oil and taking less time to cook on the second time.

Cook until nice and crispy.  Here is the final product which didn't last very long with the three of us eating them!  They were amazing!

My son told me that they were better than Wendy's so that was the biggest compliment that I could have expected since those are his favorite fries.  My husband said that they were like boardwalk fries.  Either way, I highly recommend trying homemade fries!!  Hope you make them soon!!

Homemade French Fries

4-6 potatoes (depending on how many serving)

Wash potatoes.  Use french fry cutter to cut potatoes (make sure to cut bigger potatoes to fit before putting them in).  Soak in ice water bath.  Dry with towel.  Fry in batches and remove from oil after partially cooked.  Put on plate covered in paper towels to drain.  After all are flash fried, put batches back into oil until golden brown.  Remove and salt immediately. 

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