Monday, July 1, 2013

Starting Now Book Review

Starting Now: A Blossom Street Novel by Debbie Macomber was the last book in the Blossom Street series.  I was on the wait list at the library forever and then I saw it on the shelf when I was at the library with my son.  I grabbed it and read it in one day.  It was a great book and I had trouble putting it down!  I was super glad I found it and didn't have to wait for over 150 people to read it before I got a chance.  I read it quickly and I will return it to the library quickly so that other people can read it too!!
In this book, we met a new character in Libby, a lawyer, who is laid off of her law firm after giving up everything to work to get to partner.  She left the firm upset with the advice from her mentor to get a life and enjoy something other than work.  She was out of work for over 4 months before she decided to start to have a life other than looking for a new job.  She joins a gym and reconnects with a friend from law school.  Then, she picks up knitting and starts knitting hats for preemies at the local hospital.  While she was there delivering them, she met a doctor that she had seen at the gym but he wasn't friendly.  The nurse that took the hats told her about the opportunity to rock babies so she volunteered.  She was making a whole new life with gym in the morning, followed by going to the Good Yarn, rocking babies, meeting with new friends, and enjoying everything about her life.  She was still looking for a job to make a living.  The story and the characters are amazing and I hope that you check it out and see what you think!
I am super excited to saw that I read this series and I can't wait for another book to come out.  I am sure that Debbie Macomber won't disappoint.  I am really looking forward to the next one when it comes out.  Until then, I am going to be reading the Cedar Cover series.  I figure that I can make good progress on that series while I am waiting :)  I hope that you pick up this book and the others in the series at the local library or bookstore.

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