Monday, July 1, 2013

Menu Plan Monday 7/1

I sat down to make my meal plan for July a few times and I didn't get a chance to make a lot of progress.  The first time I wrote in 5 days and spent most of the time updating my list of what was on the freezer based on what I used in June.  I went to the basement to check our freezer and see what I had left and make sure my list was good before writting everything in.  I found two more marinated chickens that I didn't know that I had :)

I realized that I am no where near cleaning out the freezer which was my goal by this week while I had a little extra time with the holiday.  I also realized with everyone in the house, I needed to have lunch and dinner planned to make sure that everyone gets fed.  I am going to add a few things out of the freezer and see if I can rearrange things so that I might actually get to clean out the freezer but I did just get a few more things from the store which are frozen!!  It is a horrible process of getting things more things on such a good sale like my new ice cream purchase.  I need to clean it out soon before I get more ice cream :)

Here is our week planned with lunches and dinners for up to 5 people each day.  Hoping the rest of the week is figured out after the company is gone and the sales are over :)

Monday- At beach/Roast Beef Sandwiches
Tuesday- Mango Chicken Sliders on pretzel rolls/Breaded chicken fingers with stuffing and mac and cheese
Wednesday- Cheese Enchiladas or Picnic/Citrus herb and Garlic herb chicken with saffron rice
Thursday- Pizza at Spartans Restaurant/BBQ with Kim and Steve
Friday- ??/Homemade Pizza
Saturday- Leftovers/??
Sunday- Leftovers/??

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