Monday, July 15, 2013

Quick Sick Trip to CVS

I had lots of Children's Advil that I stocked up during a sale a little while ago at CVS...or so I thought until I went to get another container from the plastic storage bin.  There was no more Children's Advil!!!  A sick kid with no more Advil!!!  What should I do?

I pulled together a quick trip to CVS with a quick look on a coupon database.  I pulled out all of my coupons for Children's Advil and left the house (without my coupon basket).  There are three CVS stores very close to my house and all of them have their benefits but I decided that I would go to the one that usually has more stock so that I wouldn't have to go to two different ones.  Not always the nicest or fastest staff but it would still save time if I didn't have to go to more than one store looking. 

I grabbed two of the small Advil containers and then remembered that I should scan my card at the red box.  I went back and scanned and grabbed a copy of the ad.  I got the $3 off $15 coupon and another coupon to get $0.25 off the Theater box of candy.... some stuff for the sick kid and some for the mommy :)  I also got $0.50 ECB for my quarterly spending.  I decided to use a combination of those coupons to get a good deal on some more stuff.  I grabbed another big bottle of Advil because they didn't have any more small ones but I still needed a little more to get to the $15 spending.  I added the Fla-vor-ice for the sick one since we never have them and they were on sale.  I also grabbed a package of Hot Tamales... I was going to grab something for the sick boy but I decided that mommy deserved something too.

The two small containers were probably a better deal with less out of pocket which I would have only spent $2 OOP but I think that I still got a great deal with all the additional stuff that I got.  Here is hoping that I don't have to rush to the store again to get Advil!!

Total OOP $6.62
Total Savings $8.91

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