Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inferno Book Review

Inferno by Dan Brown popped up somewhere as a new book.  I don't know if I saw it in an e-mail or on Amazon or through the library but I quickly put it on reserve at the library.  There was a huge wait list.  I was around 600th but then the book came in!!!  I was so excited when I got it from the library.  My husband said, "Is this one in the DaVinci Code series?"  Umm, I don't know and I don't know even what the book was about but I was just excited because I love Dan Brown.  Every book that he wrote was amazing.  If you have only read the DaVinci Code, please go back and pick up his other books because they are great!  There are currently over 1000 people waiting for it to come into the library.  I knew that I had a limited window to read this nearly 500 page monster because I wouldn't be able to wait to get it again on the library wait list :)
In this novel, Robert Langdon wakes up in the hospital groggy and finding out that he got shot in the head.  He is confused and seems to be missing the last few days in his memory.  He can't figure out what has happened to him when he sees that he is in Italy instead of the US where he last remembers being.  He can't remember the last two days but he quickly realizes that there is trouble when he has to escape the hospital when a woman comes and tries to shoot him.  Luckily, the doctor, Sienna Brooks, helps him escape and takes him back to her make shift apartment.  I hate to give away the plot because these books have so many twists and turns so if you don't want to hear/see, switch to the next paragraph or stop reading (but I promise not to give away too much)!  Robert realizes that he has a map which has a code to lead him to overcoming a brilliant scientist that was trying to ruin the human population.  Robert and Sienna travel all over to find out what the clues mean which leads to more and more questions.  They travel through many historic sites and Robert figures out the next step while the two become closer friends.  Great book and great action but I think that you might have to pick it up to find out what happens next!!!
As always, Dan Brown put out a great novel with a lot of action packed scenes.  I had a little trouble sleeping because I was putting down the book after way too many hours reading it at night just to try to get to a part that wasn't stressful.  Guess what?  That wasn't this book because it had me on the edge of my seat every second even through the end.  You don't know who the good guys and the bad guys are, plus you don't know if what you are seeing is even real.  It was amazing and I am super glad that the book came in when it did because it gave me a chance to read and enjoy the book without rushing.  Mostly glad that I finished it before it was due back because it would have been a nightmare to not finish this one!  I hope that you pick it up at your local bookstore or get on the waiting list at your local library!!!

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