Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Now and Then Book Review

Now and Then (Spenser) by Robert B. Parker was the next book in the series.  I actually had it sitting on my book shelf because my mother had given it to me.  I was super excited because I was totally out of the books from the library and didn't have anymore spaces to get out any more books because my son had checked out almost all of the books to get to our total limit of 50 books.  I have to find a few books to return in order to get a few more books out to continue reading!!
In this book, Spenser is hired by Dennis, an FBI agent, to find out if Jordan, his wife, is cheating on him.  Seems like this should be an easy enough case but it goes badly very quickly when Spenser confirms that she is cheating with Dr. Perry Alderman.  Both the husband and wife are found killed to make it look like the husband shot the wife and then took his own life.  The plan was changed by Vinnie Morris who shot and killed the man who killed Jordan.  The police and the FBI were investigating the murders and trying to figure out what happened but were only coming up with dead ends.  Spenser helped the police and FBI through his research even though he no longer had any clients.  Spenser was going to stay on it until he found out who killed his former clients because he always takes everything personally.  I hope that you pick this one up and see all of the crazy things that happen and what leads to the discovery of the guilty parties!!

I highly recommend the Spenser series and all of the other series from Robert Parker.  They have the best characters and the greatest stories.  I hope that you pick up this book at your local library or bookstore soon!

I thought that this one was really good and I finished it super fast (partly because it was paperback which I tend to do better with because I can carry it everywhere and read more at night).  I was thinking that I my other two books were coming in on the library reserve but I guess I changed my mind or ran out of time when I was on the computer because when they weren't in, I checked and I never released the hold on my books.  Ooops!!!  I think that I was going to stop and get them off the shelf when I was there but got caught up with my little guy and didn't make it to the big people book section.  I tend to put all the books that I want on hold so that I can pick them up when I am at the library with the little guy.  It makes sure that I get books and don't have to make a special mommy trip just to get some books to read.  If you want to read(and don't have a chance to because you have kids), I highly recommending finding out about your library reserve program.  I can pick out my books right from the comfort of my couch and pick them up in a few days.  Of course this takes planning but I think that it is really good to end up with a steady supply of great books!!!  It is like my netflix with books!!!!  Do you use your library reserve??

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