Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kid Math: Sorting

Sorting (Math Counts) by Henry Arthur Pluckrose was at the library in the math section when I went looking for fun things to read and do this summer to enrich my son's summer activities.  Sorting seemed like something fun to do to learn more math.  I was hoping to add a few activities from this book too!
The book has lots of pictures of different toys like plastic animals, colored pencils, wooden and plastic cars, and buttons.  We don't have any of those toys until you get to the ball page which includes a tennis ball and some bouncy balls.  There are also flowers and fruits talking about different ways to separate them.  The page that my son was most interested in was the cleaning supplies and the adjoining page with shoes and socks (sorted by all things that go on your feet).

Sadly, the book raised a lot of questions and didn't have a lot of answers written into the book so it mostly just a conversation starter but I wasn't really excited about the content.  I think that it is a good book to read but probably not one to add to the book shelf personally but maybe you will have better luck.  It is certainly a good idea to take toys that they have and separate them into different groups but our graphing book (previously reviewed here) started that idea already and this didn't really bring on any activities.  I hope you check it out and let me know what you think!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion about this book. It's funny, most posts we see our books people LOVE - I really appreciate you posting about a book that you give a lukewarm review to. Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. You have a great blog and I'm now following you via email, and G+. :)

    1. I saw this book recommended a bunch of times but I just didn't think that it was all that interesting but worth checking out of the library. Can't trust anyone who loves everything right :)


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