Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kid Science: A color of his own

A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni was read at a story time that we went to at the library.  It really struck my son as a great book.  I actually don't know if it was the book or the felt board the librarian made.
Parrots are green
Goldfish is red
Elephant are gray
pigs are pink.
All animals have a color of their own
except for chameleons.
They change color wherever they go.
This book is a great lesson in colors and animals.  It gives a lesson in how chameleons change color with the thing that they are sitting on.
Depending on your child's age and learning level, you can do different things to make the learning go a little farther.  The first and fun thing that we do all the time if change the color and see if they catch you.  My son always catches me and calls me a silly mommy!  After you have read it a few times, leave out a word and have them fill it in.  These are two great and easy tricks to make sure that kids are really listening to the book and reading.
But with this book, there are a few other fun things that you can do. 

1.  Make a sponge painting: 

The pictures inside the book are sort of like a sponge painting so you can make pictures just like in the book.  I would suggest drawing or printing a picture of the chameleon and painting it any color the kids want.

2.  Make a picture with colored paper:

Cut out the chameleons and make a background that isn't in the book.  Think about another background that the chameleons could put themselves in front of to change to a fun and different pattern like the red with white polka dots on the last page.  Some examples include a blue sky with stars or clouds.

3.  Use tissue paper to make a picture:

Make a tissue paper stained glass picture or make squares with the tissue paper and stick on the chameleon with glue so that it makes a textured picture that is rainbow colors.

4.  Make felt board or colored paper cut outs:

You can make a felt board with the chameleons, leaves, and other items so that the kids can make the matches and play with the book.

There are so many things that you can do to work reading books into everyday activities.  I would love to go to a nature center or zoo and see chameleons so that we could see the real thing in addition to all of the reading and crafts but I don't know where there are any chameleons to visit.  Do you have any other ideas that you might use?  I hope that you check this book if you haven't already!!

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