Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hundred Dollar Baby Book Review

Hundred-Dollar Baby (Spenser) by Robert B. Parker was the next in my pile, book #34 in the Spenser series.  I can't believe how quickly I can read through a pile of books.  I put a few more on reserve at the library and hope for a fast response on them coming in because I only have one more book after reading this one!!  Lucky for me that I have a bookcase of backup books waiting to be read :)
 In this book, Spenser is hired by April Kyle (someone from a previous book) to protect her whorehouse in Boston from some thugs that have come in to intimidate the customers.  Spenser was fired after doing such a good job and uncovering some of the truths that April was trying to hide.  It was a good book because it followed through with a character that I previously remember and there were a lot of surprises.  Of course, during the investigation people were murdered and beaten up.  Bad things happened and Spenser continued to work on the case even though he was fired because he always does that.  He uncovered the truth and dealt with it and the book promptly ended.  There is usually a little more after the resolution in the book but it was perfect because it was a little more drawn out then in other books so it was the perfect length and resolution!!

I love all of the Robert Parker books so I might not be the best judge of his books.  I love the Jesse Stone ones the most but I think that it is based on the fact that they are made into TV movies with Tom Selleck.  I picture him in all of the books when I am reading so I might be a little biased.  I also loved the Sunny Randall series because the woman is the lead detective and I thought that it was really neat to see how she dealt with the difficulty of being a women in a man's business.  But I have a special place for the Spenser books because there are so many in the series so I feel like I have known the characters forever!  I can't wait to read the next one but only 4 more left! I hope that you pick one up and see what I am raving about!

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