Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kid Reading: What Your Preschooler Needs to Know Book Review

There was a display at the library (which I should have taken a picture of but didn't) that had a bunch of kids books on the bottom shelves and then parent books at the top.  What a great idea?!  The good stuff that you want the kids to read where they can see them and the books for the parents on the top so that you don't have to drag your kid to the grown up book section.  They should do this for all books...mystery books for kids with a top shelf of parents mystery books.  I am totally sold on the new way the whole library should be set up.  Can you tell that I don't get enough time there by myself anymore??

Anyway, enough about me reorganizing the library system.  They had education books on top and there were a few that were super interesting.  I tried not to clear out the whole section but I did grab two or three and this book was one of the ones that I got.  What Your Preschooler Needs to Know: Get Ready for Kindergarten (Core Knowledge Series) by E. D. Hirsch Jr. gives a nice introduction about getting kids ready for school and how if they fall behind in the first few grades of school then they are going to have trouble catching up. 

The book is separated into sections:


In addition, there is an ending section with more details for the parents. It gives choosing a preschool for your child.  It gives a list of the things that your child should be able to do in order to be ready for kindergarten.  There is a section about reading aloud with your child and then another one with music with your preschooler.  The last part is probably the best section because it gives a list of books and music for preschoolers.

I thought that the books was going to have more information for adults but it was mostly just stories to read along with your child.  It was a very good book and I think that everyone should take some time to read these old stories to their children.  It might not be a book that you read cover to cover to your child but I think that the poetry section is great!  I know that I had a lot of them when I was little but I didn't tell many of them to my child so it was a nice reminder of some things that we can read together and enjoy in a short time without having to read the same board books over and over! 

I think that it will bring back memories for you and help your children learn at the same time.  I hope that you check out this book at your local library or bookstore so that you can see all the resources that they put together in one place for you to use!

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  1. This is such a coincidence Alison! We just got our hands on What our First Grader needs to know and really like it too. I am pouring over the resources myself to come up with a list for when school year begins.
    Thanks for sharing this on the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  2. Alison,
    My son will start Kindergarten in the Fall, so I'm very intrigued by this book. Thanks for the great review, and for linking up on the Kid Lit Blog Hop!
    PS - I'm now following you on Google+ :)


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