Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A little disorganized trip to Harris Teeter for Super Doubles

I knew that Super Doubles was coming so I spent some time preparing.  I took all of the coupons out that were expired to recycle them.  I cut all the coupons that I still had sitting in a pile that I hadn't cut yet.  I cleaned up my coupon basket considerably.  And then went a step farther and made a list of all of the coupons that I had that were over $1 in value so that I would know what I had when I was at the store.  I was really organized and ready to start shopping, right???

WRONG!!!  I left the list at home on the counter, other coupons on the printer, and my list of coupons in the dining room.  I thought that I was more organized and ready to shop but it turns out that I was just more organized to know what deals I was missing.  HAHA!!  Well, I was determined to get a few things before the shelves were cleared.  I had a lot of things that I also had rain checks for so I thought if worse came to worse, I could get the things that I missed on the last sale.

With the help of a four year old (I think that you can see his influence), I spend a lot time and a little money getting a few things that weren't really on the list.

There were a few things that I picked out in there too but the juice boxes and Jello were all him.  Of course, they were all on sale and there were coupons so I have little to complain about except the nutritional value :)

I was sad that I didn't get to use all my coupons allowed for the day but I did get two rain checks already on the first day of the sale.  I am hoping to get myself totally together because my son's first day of camp is in the morning.  I am going to have a nice leisurely trip around the store and get lots of good deals.  Especially if I don't make it back over there to use my last six coupons tonight (which is looking a little bleak).

I hope that everyone had a good first day of super doubles and made out a little better than me!

Total OOP $9.16
Total Savings $47.25

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