Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Shunning Book Review

Beverly Lewis' The Shunning (Heritage of Lancaster County) by Beverly Lewis was an amazing book.  I have read a bunch of blogs with people who love Beverly Lewis but I haven't read any of her books.  One day at the library, I decided that I should check them out and went with one that was at the beginning of the series.  This was book one of the Heritage of Lancaster County and I can't wait to find out what is in book number two!!!!
The story is set in Hickory Hollow in Pennsylvania in a small Amish community.  23 year old Katie Lapp is set to be married to 40 year old preacher, Bishop John.  Katie has always know that she was different then the other Amish "Plain" folk but thought that by accepting the faith through baptism and marrying Bishop John, she would feel more full.  She is caught humming by the bishop's son Jacob and then everything changes.  Katie has to stop signing, humming, and
I am so glad that I finally picked up Beverly Lewis!  A great new author and series to start reading since I just finished my last series of books.  I had another one lined up so I guess I will be going back and forth again!!  If you want a book filled with emotion, this is the book for you and I hope that you pick it up and see what you think!!!

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