Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I can't get enough Harris Teeter triples!!

I don't know why I can't get enough of triples but there are a few good deals and most of my coupons were printable so I used up a lot in three days since I have three computers to print coupons.  I decided to get a lot rain checks since I had a huge pile and there were some coupons that made some of them a good deal again- FINALLY!!!

I got some Cheerios, Reynolds Slow Cooker liner and Dixie Crystals with my rain checks.  I saved an additional $16.60 with the use of rain checks and all 10 items only cost $0.18 after rain check and coupons!!!  I was pretty excited that I got a second to think about some of the deals that I had rain checks and coupons on so that I could stock up on some things that I love to use for nearly free!!

I grabbed a few other deals that I hadn't had a chance to get earlier in the week like the $0.99 lettuce, Crunch cereal, and Libby Pumpkin.  They weren't the best deals so there was still some left on the shelf and my son's favorite yogurt was also filled back up so I grabbed two so that I could make some smoothies for him!!  I decided to pick up three more oatmeals for my husband...let's hope that last awhile!!

Total OOP $5.80
Total Savings $38.04 + 6.78 Reynolds + 6.98 Cheerios + 2.84 Dixie= $54.64

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