Thursday, May 30, 2013

Second trip to Harris Teeter which went worse than the first!

Shopping with a four year old is a challenge.  I thought that I was better prepared but I was not!  I went through ever envelope and had the list of all of the coupons that were $1 or above and which date they were.  I made a list of all of things that were on sale and I thought that I was much more prepared for today.  I think that I was only a little more prepared and my son was a little more exhausted.  Sadly a bad combo!!!

We got a bunch of things in the cart and I thought that he was getting bored so I put a few special things up front with him.  I also let him pick out a few things off the shelf that I didn't care what flavor he bought like the icing flavors.  Nothing was helping after the cookie was gone and he wanted to eat one of the yogurts that he picked out.  We have a rule that you can't eat anything that you haven't paid for so we went to the check out and threw all of the stuff at the cashier while I was trying to pull the coupons for the items at the same time.  I don't know if I was totally successful but I counted the items and the coupons and it mostly worked out.  They did ring up 4 frosting flavors and I only had three but they used four coupons so it all worked out okay.  He got his blueberry yogurt which he really liked.

Total OOP $7.02
Total Savings $40.14 +$0.77= $40.91

We were both loosing steam so I went and got my rain checks for some of the items that I remembered since I didn't have time to write them down.  I realized when I got home that the rain check that I couldn't remember was the Roast Beef from Land 'O Frost! UGH!  The evic zvr coupon didn't come off for the granola so I got that cash back.  I realized that I also needed to get the Smart Balance Milk.

My son picked out the milk and put it in the front of the cart with him.  Then, he wanted to get some more shakers (he was using the seasonings as shakers in the first trip around the store to make music).  We stopped and got him three so that I didn't have to figure out what else we needed and hoping to entertain him through the second check out.  I used the rain check on the Smart Balance (YEAH for rain checks)!!!!

Total OOP $0.15
Total Savings $14.68+ $3.24 for Rain check= $17.92

The even better news is that he fell asleep on the car ride home so that I got a break to post this up so that you can see all the great things on sale this week for super cheap!!  I love super doubles and I love Harris Teeter.  There are deals to get everyday on stuff that we love to stock up on.  Even better is that the Weber includes the Beer Can chicken in the sale because they are normally not included.  I am really interested in trying those seasonings!!!  Taking my break to read my book and most likely fall asleep.  Hope you are having great trips to Harris Teeter too :)

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