Thursday, May 30, 2013

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Time!!!

I can't believe that it is time for Super Doubles and my son is out of school.  I have been super spoiled to have time to shop three days a week with him in school and sometimes at night or weekends when my husband is home.  Now with him out of school, I have to work the shopping trip into the schedule with all the other fun things that we are doing.  The good thing is that my son loves Harris Teeter.  He loves the cookies and he loves all of the customer service people who are so sweet to him!!  The bad thing is that he doesn't have a long attention span and then tends to get in the way of shoppers (including me). 

I braved my first trip thinking that I was prepared because I filed all my coupons and got rid of all of the expired coupons.  Well, it does take a little more effort when you are shopping with a 4 year old to be prepared, like a detailed list and all of the coupons in a pile so that you are ready to go.  It was a challenge to remember why I don't shop with him all the time but it quickly came back :)

I added some things to the cart that I wasn't expecting to get like the Golden Grahams, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (but at least I had coupons).  After sale and coupons, I got some free yogurt tubes (for my son), yogurt 4 pack (for me!!), Bare Naked Granola, soy sauce, and frosting flavoring.  It was a good overall total even though I wasn't really sure what I was getting and which way was up by the time that I left.

Total OOP $11.49
Total Savings $69.10

Super glad that I didn't have to sign the receipt and that I made it out in one piece.  Exhausted to think that I am going to have to do this all week with him!!!

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