Friday, May 24, 2013

Mango BBQ Chicken Sliders

I saw a post on Grilled Pomegranate Chicken and Mango BBQ and I was inspired to make Mango BBQ Shredded Chicken Sliders.  Great news, now a use for those free mango containers that I got at Harris Teeter.  I knew that I had all the ingredients in the house (nearly free through all my couponing) and that they would taste super great on my pretzel rolls (also free at Harris Teeter triples)!!  Super quick and tasty dinner is a perfect weekend lunch or dinner in the summer because it can be ready in minutes and not have you slaving in the hot kitchen.

I got out a bag of frozen shredded chicken.  If you don't have a bag of shredded chicken in your freezer, you can make you own super easy with a rotisserie chicken from the store or just cut up leftover chicken to use.  I usually get chicken breasts and boil them until they are cooked and wait for them to cool and shred with a fork.  Then, I bag them up and put them in the freezer to use as needed.  A serving size portion for my husband and I is only a few dollars when the cost is calculated from the chicken that I buy on sale for $0.99 per pound.

I grabbed a BBQ which I had in the fridge already open that I needed to use up.  I got a bunch of those free through my shopping adventures to so there is another bargain to add to the meal.  I put all of this and my blender on the counter.

Why the blender?  Well, in case you haven't read some of my posts, my family has texture issues so I figured that I would get all the great flavor of the mango without the texture if I just blended it all smooth before mixing it with the BBQ sauce.  It blended up really nicely (minus a few chunks).

I added the blended mango and BBQ sauce to the pan and threw in the still frozen chicken to simmer.  I don't know if you can see the clump of still frozen chicken but it towards the right of the pot.

I covered and let it sit until we were ready for dinner.  Don't you like to have a dinner that you can mix up ahead and be ready when you need it?  I do because when I am hungry, I am ready to eat!!!

Then, I will throw a little side dish on the meal like some McCain potatoes like sweet potato fries that I got for free at an earlier Harris Teeter sale (remembering that I have to use them up to clean out my freezer we made a few different kinds that were open).

I tasted the chicken and it seemed a little lacking so I threw in a little brown sugar to add to the sweetness and then a little blended salsa to add a little spice.  I thought that it was a nice sweet taste to start and a kick at the end.  My husband thought it was a little too sweet and didn't like it so I guess it isn't going to be added to the family favorite list unless I change the recipe a little.  Oh well, I am sure that other families would really like it!!!

In total, I spent less that a few dollars and have a nice meal to show for it!!!  I have more mango already blended in the fridge so I am going to be looking for a few more meals or else I am freezing this into ice cube trays at the end of the week.

Just a note:  Sorry, I didn't measure and just put in about equal parts of blended Mango and BBQ sauce so feel free to mix your own to taste or change your recipe to fit what you have at home.  I also just sprinkled the brown sugar and poured the salsa.  I figured that it changed with the amount of chicken that you were making anyway so hopefully you can blend it up to suit your family tastes. 

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