Monday, April 29, 2013

More Great deals at HT triples!!

I decided to go back to the store even though I wasn't sure what I was going to get but I found lots more deals... My son was trying to decide what we could and couldn't get.  He said yes to the rice, butter, juice boxes, wipes and yogurt but drew the line at the Campbell's Skillet sauce.  He said since he didn't like it, we should get it.  I explained that is not how shopping usually worked because we shop for the whole family.  He agreed that we could put it in the cart :)

Total OOP $1.39
Total Savings $24.84

Since shopping with a little one is challenging enough, I decided to do the rain checks separately so I would not mess up either.  Plus it gave the little man a transaction to pay for himself...although at the last minute, I distracted with a cookie!!  I used the rain check for B1G1 on the Smart Balance and the Dixie Crystal sugar at $1.97.  I used the coupons to get some good deals to stock up.

Total OOP $2.92
Total Savings $6.94+ 5.79 Smart Balance + 2.84 Dixie= $15.57

Two checkouts for one great trip which also entertained the little man for a little bit so that we could get all the things done that we needed to that day.  Hope you are enjoying the fun triples for a change of pace from all the super doubles madness!!!

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