Monday, April 29, 2013

Another trip to Harris Teeter triples

I am starting to loose track of the days and the sales and the coupons but since there are still deals to be had, I am back to Harris Teeter for another round.  Just as important to get the deals is to get the rain checks to use next time around :)

I got the Sister Schubert rolls, Campbell's Skillet, Happy Baby, Mueller's pasta, and Tetley tea which were all free after sale and coupon.  I got the Yoplait Greek yogurt with the sale, coupon and evic coupon for a $0.30 profit.  The fire roasted tomatoes were $0.04 each.  The Smart Balance butter was $0.14 each.  The Huggies wipes were $0.19.  All really great deals for mostly free groceries :)

I picked up marked down bag of bananas at the beginning of my trip.  We had gotten 6 bananas from Aunt Kim and enjoyed two loaves of banana bread.  I think that it unlocked the taste for the banana bread.  I was planning on making some pumpkin bread when we were done but this looked like the opportunity to make two more loaves so I can't wait.  YUM!

I guess that I should have gotten some other things because my total ended up in the negative!!  Normally they make you buy something else when you go negative but they overrode the total and handed me $0.13.  Don't you love when you walk out with groceries and you get paid to do it!  Well, I do!!

Total OOP -$0.13
Total Savings $ 45.19

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