Saturday, February 2, 2013

Plain Scones with a twist

I got a post from Life As Art on the Best Scones that she makes so I decided to try to make them for our yummy morning breakfast so that both my husband and I could eat them straight out of the oven.  I pulled out all the ingredients and decided to add chocolate chips.  I was going to be good and add blueberries and cinnamon but I thought chocolate chips hit the spot this morning and boy was I right!!!

I mixed the dry ingredients and cut in the butter.  I used my fork since I don't have the pastry blender to cut into crumbs which works out well. 

I made a well in the middle of the flour mixture to add the measuring cup filled with milk and egg mixture.  I mixed the dough together and it was very sticky so I added an additional 1/2 cup of flour while working it into a ball in the mixing bowl.  I added 1/2 cup of chocolate chips into the batter and mixed until it was throughout.  I put the ball on the cookie sheet and pressed it down flat, adding sugar crystals to the top.  The recipe didn't call for the sugar but since I did it on the gingerbread scones, I thought it would be yummy on these too.

I put the cuts into the dough and put it into the oven.  I waited and got to watch the dough rise and brown.  Check out this final product.  They are super fluffy which was totally different then the gingerbread ones that I made before.

I cut into them and we quickly did some damage to the scones.  My husband said that he had to try a second one to make sure that he liked them.  We both had three so I think that they passed inspection!!  We might not be eating lunch today but they light and fluffy scones were well worth it.

I hope that you try this recipe soon and find some fun mix ins that you have in the house that will be yummy (although I have to recommend the chocolate chips but it could be because they are fresh on my mind).  Below is the recipe for you to try out again soon.


2 c flour
3tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 T sugar
1/4 c butter
3/4 c milk
1 beaten egg
1/2 c chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Mix dry ingredients. Cut in butter. Mix in milk and egg. On floured board, pat into a 1" circle, transfer to baking sheet. Cut into 8 wedges, but don't separate. Bake 25 minutes or until browned.


  1. Alison,
    I just pulled my scones out of the oven :) Dried cranberries and white chocolate chips are a delicious combination, too. Thanks for linking back to my blog! Have a great day,

    1. I really want to get cinnamon chips because that sounds amazing!! It is next on my list but the chocolate chip ones are my go to since I always have them in the house. I will let you know if I try any others :)

  2. These look amazing! I just found a recipe for a raspberry and cream cheese swirled scone that I am dying to try, but I love the idea of chocolate chips too. P.S. incase you don't head back to my blog to check out my reply to your comment, I wanted you to know that you don't ever have to waste ginger. You peel it and freeze it in a zip-top bag. Pull it out, use as much as you need and freeze it again. It lasts for quite a while in there!

    1. The rasberry and cream cheese sound amazing too!!! Scones are a new world to me since I always thought that they were a gross, dried out, and hard thing that no one without coffee would want to eat. Ahh, hot out of the oven scones are my new favorite (other than kettle corn which might be an addiction). On the ginger note, I think that I just have to make a plan to use the ginger so that it won't languish in the freezer and be forgotten!!


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