Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harris Teeter Super Doubles #1

I was so excited to hear that super doubles was coming up but then I didn't do anything to get ready.  I should have cleaned out my coupon basket and made my lists.  Instead, I headed into the first day of super doubles unprepared but ready to shop.  The good news is that my little guy is in school so I had a few hours so I didn't have to rush.  I got everything that I wanted and then brought it all home to put away before I went to get him at school.

I was all over the store and moved back and forth to get the things as I thought of them.  Not the best way to do the grocery store but it was all that was going to work for me since I was so disorganized.  My first stop was the Smart Balance milk so that I could make sure to get some before they were out which is clear to the back side of the store.

I got the Bayer aspirin next for my Dad.  Then, I grabbed the Vitamins for my husband.  I grabbed six boxes of Hefty Zipper Bags from an end cap and decided to add two boxes of Hefty trash bags which were above it.  I knew that I had plenty at home but I felt like it was too good of a deal to pass up.  I got six boxes of the Kraft Mac and Cheese shapes for my son.  Two boxes of Dinosaur oatmeal and one box of Cheerios for my son.  I got a 6 pack of Ramen noodles which my husband and son love.  I added four boxes of Uncle Ben's rice to the cart (What a great freebie).  At the end, I decided to add three things of Diet Pepsi.

Last minute, I decided to use a rain check to get my snapware containers which are perfect for lunch for everyone!!!  I super love them but I didn't know if I would have coupons left to use so I was glad to see that they had some of the ones that I wanted on the shelf.

At the register, everything rang up fine and most of the coupons.  I had to have a few coupons overridden.  The manager stuck around and we were talking and another manager came over to talk and see the total go down.  It is always fun to be friends with all of the managers.  The one was joking that she was standing there and I was bagging my own groceries but I totally don't mind when I am at the register with a great cashier and two wonderful managers, what could be better.  Well, my online coupons didn't come off :(  The manager added in the three that I remembered but then I only got $1.25 for the Pepsi instead of the $2.19 shelf price that it would have automatically taken off which was a difference of $0.94.  I forgot the Cascade one so I am going to return those which is why they aren't in the picture because I put them right back in the car.  I will subtract the total when I do the return :)

Total OOP $20.56- return $5.24= $15.32
Total Savings $88.14 + $3.75 (for rain check)= $91.89

Great savings even if there wasn't a lot of planning!!!

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