Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Walmart Shopping Trip 12/5

After I picked my little one up from school today, we headed towards Walmart to get lettuce and milk (and see what else we needed).  He had a little tired breakdown on the way to the store but I knew that he wasn't ready to take a nap yet so I pushed forward.  Well worth the trip because my little man picked out almost everything in the store that he couldn't live without because they were all his favorites!!

He picked out his favorite waffles, yogurt covered raisins, Super Mario fruit snacks, Agent P fruit snacks, Syrup, Ramen Noodles, Juice boxes, bread, milk and Doritos.  Then, he declared that we had to get some "purple bananas" even though we had some at home because we were running low.  I grabbed a bag of tortilla chips, Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup, and Ocean Spray Cran Grape for my husband.  I got to put in a little pancake mix, lettuce, margarine and Heinz.  I only used $5.80 in coupons so this was a huge trip.  Luckily, I had a gift card so it wasn't anything out of the budget for the month.

Total OOP $45.87 (except not out of the December budget since I used a gift card)
Total Savings $5.80 in coupons (plus difference in store prices)

I have $29.13 more left on the gift card so I look forward to taking a trip without the little one and hoping to get the other things that we need for the month (including some interesting deals on Smithfield pork that I saw in the meat section).


  1. CJ loves it when I include him picking out the stuff to put in the cart :)

    1. I had to distract from a few different things in the store but overall it wasn't a bad haul considering that we had a gift card :) He wouldn't have gotten all of those treats if it wasn't for the gift card!!


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