Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Cookie Exchange

Looking for a great way for your family to enjoy the holiday cookies without spending days in the kitchen getting lots of different kinds of cookies??  I suggest a cookie exchange.  I have been doing it with a group of friends for years and it is a super great way to try out a bunch of different cookies, as well as being able to look like you have been in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove :)

There are a few ground rules that need to be set up when you start or attend cookie exchanges to make sure that everyone is on the same page and gets the same intended benefits from the exchange.  Every group is a little different so make sure you have the same goals as the other in your group.

1.  Decide on what you want everyone to bring and be specific (then no one is disappointed)

 - How many different kinds of cookies do you want each person to bring?
 - How many cookies? (remember that this means how many you bring home too)
 - Only Christmas cookies or anything goes?
 - Only kitchen tested recipes or is it okay for people to make experiments?
 - Only homemade and no mixes or store bought or is everything allowed?
 - only cookies and no bars or brownies?  How strict are the rules :)
 - do you have to sign up before so that people aren't making the same kinds or do they just bring what they  want?

2.  Be Prepared (not just for the Boy Scouts anymore)

 - Is the hostess/host is responsible for providing the serving platters for everyone to unload their cookies on to?
 - Is everyone going to bring plates or containers to serve out of and containers to put their cookies into to take home?
 - Baskets, sleighs and other neat serving dishes encouraged? or are Rubermaid/Tupperware dishes good enough?
 - As a hostess/host, be prepared with a few serving platters and travel containers to loan to first timers who didn't understand the rules or you will be digging through the cupboards trying to find last minute fixes instead of enjoy the party.

3.  Just a cookies exchange or are there other activities?

 - Are you going to taste test a few cookies there and chat?
 - Should people provide more for tasting or is that included in the total?
 - Are you only taking cookies home?  (if so, is other food provided)
 - Is this a quick in and out process where you get your cookies and are back on the road? 
 - Are you doing any other events in combination like gift exchange or Christmas party? 
 - Are you eating lunch or dinner or appetizers?
 - Playing games? 
 - Make sure you let everyone know what to plan for and how much time they should plan for! (as well as if it is a kid friendly event or just for moms or adults)

4.  Are you doing a recipe exchange? 

 - Should guests provide their recipes to pass out to everyone? 
 - Are computer printouts okay or do you want recipe cards?
 - Do you want the recipes provided ahead of time so that the hostess/host can compile to provide together?
 - Do you want them provided, e-mailed or both?

Are you ready for some great cookies, then get ready for a cookie exchange!!!!!


  1. Hi Alison, I love your blog too, thanks for following me. I'm your newest follower too :)

    1. I was really glad to find your blog the other day and glad that you are following back. Can't wait to see some of the other great things that you make... I started a long list in my head of things that I want to make off your blog too :)


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