Friday, December 14, 2012

Walmart Shopping Trip 12/13

My son and I headed out to get some groceries at Walmart with the rest of our gift card.  I wrote a list of things that I needed at home so I was half ready for the trip.  I also printed a list of the coupons and other information that I needed but I left that at home.  Oh well, I was there and set to figure it out.

First stop, I got some Tastykakes which are for my Dad for Christmas.  His father used to eat them all the time and that is one of the childhood memories that I like to bring up every holiday since his father is no longer with us.

I picked out a block of cream cheese so that I could make cookie press cookies after we had some at our friends house.  I grabbed some ham and turkey for my husband's lunch next week to get through until the holiday :)  We needed milk and bread so they were the main things on our list.  I wanted to grab a Ocean Spray Cran Grape for my husband and on the way, my son saw the juice boxes so we got another different juice box.  I got Reduced Fat Ritz and Whole Wheat Ritz.  Lastly, I added a can of pumpkin since we are totally out. 

The great news is that I used a few coupons to save a little more money off the total and still have a little more left on the gift card ($3.79).  Great news because I will probably need some more milk and bread later in the month or I will most likely be using it for that or to finally get a few of the pork loins if I can remember where the coupons are when I am in the store!!!  Super excited to stretch the money to make the gift card add a bunch of things that we needed before the holiday.

Total OOP $25.34 (but not out of my budget)
Total Savings $3.55 (in coupons)

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