Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh my goodness, is this shopping over yet???

I got follow up from Giant on the online group credit that it was finally on my account.  I had to make it to the store Thursday night before the chicken sale was over.  Sadly, there were very few chickens left and this one was the biggest one.  I grabbed one package of blue cheese (YUM, buffalo chicken pizza).  After the bag credit and my Giant credit, my grand total was $0.06.  I scanned my Giant gift card and it didn't work!!  REALLY!!!  I didn't have a lot of other options for my $0.06.  I grabbed 5 pennies out of my change purse.  Luckily, the customer service person had another penny and I was on my way at nearly 10:30 pm!!  Not my prime shopping time.

Total OOP $0.06
Total Savings $19.32

My free morning with my son is preschool was filled with a really long list of more things to do.  First on my list was to use my rain checks at CVS and spend some of my hard earned ECBs to get some free stuff.  I got Powerade, Sprite, 4 chicken noodle soup, Kleenex box, Kleenex travel pack, Kotex liners, Children's Advil, Thermacare, 2 Centrum Silver, and 3 CVS brand Excedrin.  It felt like a lot more when I was at the store but I certainly did save a ton!  I still have lots of ECBs left to figure out what to do with next time.

Total OOP $2.50
Total Savings $57.72

Since I finished the CVS trip in record time (okay not really but I under 2 hours), I went to Harris Teeter to get the flour that was on my evic specials with my facebook coupons in hand.  When I got there, there was HUGE clearance in the produce section of limes, green beans, bananas, pomegranates, grapefruit, and asparagus.  I couldn't decide but I got the asparagus ($1.00 for a bunch) and limes ($1.25 for 14 limes).  I checked on the Jimmy Dean crumbled sausage and Morton's sea salt that I still wanted which they don't have.  I got two of the Gold Medal Flour for $1.77 (or $1.27 after coupon).  I was going to get the Better Than Bread Flour but I figure (or hope) that it won't go as quickly.

Total OOP $4.92
Total Savings $4.56 (plus fruit and veggie markdown)

After all my shopping trips this month, I am at $14.48 OOP.  A good start to the month!!  I still have some of my Walmart and Giant gift card left to spend to get some of the other things on my list... including the Ritz crackers that I just unexpectedly finished :(  I am going to have to work on the rest of the list but here is hoping that this month stays low for awhile and I use up lots of the pantry and freezer!!  Might attempt making almond flour or brown rice flour to use in some cookies soon.  Stay tuned and I will let you know if it worked.  Hope your shopping is going well this month too!

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