Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just Over the Mountain Book Review

Just Over the Mountain (Grace Valley Trilogy) by Robyn Carr was the second book in the series.  I reserved it at the library and it came in quickly so I didn't really have the ability to wait to read it :)  It was a super good read which I stayed up too late to read but I finished quickly and it was worth it.  I wish there were more than three books in this series but I know that I will be reading the series that she has soon!!!  Just reserved the third book and I am going to run to the library and see if they have it!!!

This book was a great continuation of the first book.  The main character, June, is the doctor for a small town.  The book goes into the interesting people that live in the small town including June's best friend, Tom, the police chief and June's office staff.  The great thing is that everything that was left hanging the last book was followed up on in this book.  Her relationship with Jim, the undercover DEA agent was cemented with him showing up in town and telling her that he wasn't leaving.  The only problem with the book was that I couldn't put it down to get other things done or get to sleep :)

I hope that you check it out at your local library or bookstore.  Please let me know if you have read it and if you like.  Make sure you start with the first book in the series because it really helps with the character development to know exactly where the second book is picking up.  Running to the library to see if I can get the third!

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