Thursday, December 27, 2012

Down By the River Book Review

The last book in the three part series, Down by the River (Grace Valley Trilogy) by Robyn Carr was a great book.  I ran to the library to get it right after finishing the second book to pick up the third.  I loved it so much that I think that I finished in under 24 hours from the time that I picked it up :)  I highly recommend this series of books but they really should be read in order.  If you haven't read the other two, this might be a spoiler (just to let you know to skip this post if you want to start at the beginning).  I went online to figure out which book was the second one to order from the library and luckily found it but then I also saw the third one and the blurb on it!!  It sort of ruined the surprise for me so I don't want to do that for you!

This book series is set in Grace Valley, a small town in the country.  The people in the town are always willing to help out people in need and support their friends.  Does someone need help fixing up their house?  One person decides to help and the rest of the town is there to help.  Someone needs a job?  They find a job for them.  They are the ideal country town that you want to raise your children in but they aren't without their challenges.  They face issues with the preacher, problems with drug growers in the area, childhood pranks, and other issues that they band together and work through.  I thought it was a great book and I obviously couldn't put it down. 

Check this out at your local library or bookstore.  I can't imagine you will be disappointed in this small town story of all the ways that people help each other to live their daily lives and in crisis.  It makes you really appreciate your life and all the great things we have!!  I hope that you check the series out starting with the first book.  I hope to try another one of her series but I think that I need to work on the books that I have started to try to finish first since I loose 24 hours so easily since I can't put it down. 

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