Monday, December 24, 2012

Harris Teeter Marathon Shopping Trips

I took advantage of the end of the baking sales at Harris Teeter.  I took a quick trip and got the Dixie Crystals brown sugar, Dixie Crystals sugar (with rain check), Kikoman soy sauce, and Smart Balance butter.  I figured that it would be a good time to get the sugar because of the wonderful $0.75 coupon (the coupon that I normally get it $0.50) so it seemed a perfect time to use my rain check to save a little more money.

I don't know about you, but I went to use the Dixie Crystals rain check at one of the Harris Teeter stores in my area to stock up before the Christmas cookie baking and they didn't have any of the granulated sugar and no space for it.  It looks like they normally carry another brand and only replace it when they have a sale.  I decided that I better get everything into the cart when I saw it on the shelf just in case they don't carry it the next time that I needed it.  I am really glad that they had it on the shelf so I picked up two!!

Total OOP $3.13
Total Savings $17.72

Then, I decided to go back and use another rain check and get the Dixie Crystal Sugar and Dixie Crystal brown sugar.  Who can really pass up those prices and stocked shelves?  Not me even though I have no room in my cupboard.

Total OOP $4.07
Total Savings $8.36

Then what to my wondering eye should appear, my evic specials!!!  Dixie Crystal sugar on evic sale!!  Okay, really...  Did I need two more?  YUP!  I had to get some more Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice for my husband so I grabbed what could fit into the cart with all my messy coupon stuff.  I grabbed the only two of the corn that we liked that were on evic special too.  Plus, more salt.  My husband asked if we really needed them and I told him that I couldn't pass up salt (especially this yummy kind) for only $0.07. 

Total OOP $20.93
Total Savings $39.37

I was thinking about going back and getting some more Ocean Spray juice because what we have will only last about 4 months with my husband's Cranberry Juice addiction.  I only have a few more days left but lets hope that I escape without getting more sugar or salt :)  I hope that you got a chance to use lots of great coupons to stock up on those great winter sales.  The good news is that I still have lots left in the budget for the month but not much time left in the sale since it is Christmas Eve and I didn't make it out this morning because I was in the kitchen cooking all morning for our big dinner tonight :(  I will see if I make it out later but I think that I would rather have a nap!! 

Hope you are all having a great Christmas eve!!!!

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