Saturday, December 15, 2012

Giant Shopping Trip 12/14

After a busy morning spent baking cookies while my little man was at school, I picked him up and we went to the library.  We spent nearly 2 hours there reading every book and then taking half of the library home with us.  I decided to push the patience and stop at Giant since we didn't make it there before he fell asleep yesterday.

We got a 5 lb bag of Russet potatoes which was on sale for $2 (best price around).  Plus, I love potatoes!!!  I got 4 Ocean Spray Cranberry juice for my husband since it was on sale for $2 each.  Two boxes of Ritz into the cart at $1.99.  Then, I got my only coupon item which was the Bob Evans Sage sausage on sale for $2.50 and there was a printable coupon for $0.50 (found under 19606). 

I used my two Giant gift cards to pay for the groceries so again it is no money out of pocket and out of budget.  Those are the best trips!!

Total OOP $17.12 (used gift cards so not out of my budget)
Total Savings $17.63

Sadly, this means that I only have $2.16 left in gift card to Giant and $3.79 left in gift cards to Walmart.  The good news is that these gift cards have really helped to keep the total down this month and I have only spent $21.33.  I have a few more trips planned for the month so we will see how the second half ends up!!!

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